Saturday, November 21, 2020

Joe Biden - Back To The Future

If Joe Biden is elected POTUS, it will be a Back to the Future Illegitimate Presidency won by voter fraud.  Biden will bring back all the old Obama and Clinton left wing cronies to staff his administration.  These leaches have all been hanging out at various foundations, think tanks etc. collecting fat salaries just waiting for the day they could begin feeding at the trough again.  So, we will see the same old bad thinking that destroyed millions of jobs and got us into unending foreign wars all over the world because they are globalists. 

We will see America Last not America First actions and policies because Biden and crowd always think about the interests of other countries first rather than do what is in the best interest of our nation.  So Europe will get a free ride related to NATO expenses.  Biden will get us back into the Paris Climate Accord and the Trans Pacific Partnership both of which will destroy millions of jobs.

Just like Obama, Biden will raise taxes to bring on a recession and or slow the recovery that is happening right now.   Biden will add job killing regulations that will hamper growth reversing Trump Executive Orders that created the best economy in decades.  This will raise energy prices as Biden attempts to install the Green New Deal by Executive Order.

Joe Biden will open the flood gates to illegal aliens providing them all sorts of entitlements at the expense of our own people.  He will give legal status, one way or another to the 11 million or more illegal aliens in our country, which will include food stamps, welfare etc.  Billions of dollars will be added to our federal deficit, which eventually will weaken the dollar and benefits like Social Security and Medicare.   

Forget about peace in the Middle East.  Biden and crew will reengage with the Palestinians restoring their funding, which will end any incentive they have to make peace with Israel.   We will see ISIS rise again in the Middle East or Afghanistan because Biden will not have the guts to take them out.  Iran will end up with nuclear weapons because Biden will go back into the deal Trump walked away from. 

And finally, since China owns Biden as a result of the crooked deals with his son Hunter, China will again steal our technology that has never really stopped.  Biden will end Tariffs on Chinese goods entering the United States at the insistence of his Big Business supporters that want unfettered access to China.  All of this will lead to more factories closing and millions of jobs leaving the United States and going to China just like before.

Yep, we can imagine a Biden Presidency because we have already seen it during the eight years of Obama Biden.  It will be a Back to the Future Presidency and moment in time. 

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