Monday, November 9, 2020

The Divide In America - Irreconcilable Differences

Whether Biden or Trump wins the election, the fact is that we have irreconcilable differences in America that cannot be bridged.  Therefore, it is impossible for Biden or Trump to unite the country.   In fact, the divide has never been greater since the Civil War.  And, though there are Red and Blue states, it is more about half of the country that totally disagrees with the other half on just about every important issue.   When the dust settles perhaps 150 million Americans voted in the 2020 election and Biden and Trump basically split the vote. 

Trump supporters oppose virtually everything that Biden has expressed in his Socialist Manifesto, the Democrat Party Platform.  We oppose abortion right up until birth and even after.  We see it as evil.  Maybe devout Christians, Catholics, Jews and Muslims could live with abortion no later than the heart beat at 7 or 8 weeks, which is bad enough; but the Socialists position is now so extreme that there can be no compromise.   We absolutely oppose the Green New Deal because it will kill millions of jobs and result in a lower standard of living for all Americans especially now that we are energy independent.  As such, we oppose the Paris Climate Accord  because it requires that billions of tax payer dollars be given to third world countries each year and allows China and India, the world's biggest polluters, years to comply.  We oppose restrictions on our Second Amendment gun rights.  We oppose restrictions on our First Amendment rights guaranteeing freedom of speech and religion.  We oppose higher taxes and more job killing regulations.   We oppose stupid trade deals that resulted in 70,000 factories being closed and 5 million jobs being shipped to China, Mexico and other countries.  We oppose Open Borders.   We oppose immediate legalization of illegal aliens and providing them entitlements.   We oppose single payer government health care.  We oppose failed ObamaCare. And, now we see the Cancel Culture denying our history and Antifa and BLM communist terrorist organizations rioting, looting and burning down our cities calling for defunding the police.  All Americans should support Law and Order; yet Socialists are silent on dealing with these criminal thugs. 

On issue after issue, the divide is real and very intense.  Now Joe Biden says it is a time to heal in America when Fake News, Socialists, RINOS and DC Swamp Lizards did everything possible to destroy President Trump from the first day he and Melania came down that escalator at Trump Tower.  We have never seen a 7/24 attack on any President as occurred against President Trump for the entire 4 years he has been in office.  It has been referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Biden can forget about healing.  It is not going to happen.  Trump succeeded anyway, but not without the pain and anguish that they caused our country.  There can be no healing.  As soon as Trump was elected, they proclaimed, Resist, Resist, Resist.  So now they are going to see what it means to have half the country opposed to them and their agenda.   We will Never Give Up, Never Give In related to making our country a Socialist nation.  And, we will fight tooth and nail to stop all their crazy ideas.   The election in 2020 was but one battle in this war.  As it turned out, 2020 was a Red Wave.  The Socialists and their allies better see this train coming.  If Biden wins by voter fraud, he will never be accepted as legitimate.  That means Trump Supporters will do everything possible to make Biden Harris a one term President.  We will immediately focus on 2022 to win back the House and retain the Senate.  Biden Harris will be over before they even begin. 

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