Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Biden Calls For Healing - Not Going to Happen

When the dust settles, if Joe Biden is elected the 46th President of the United States as a result of voter fraud he will forever by viewed as illegitimate by half the country.  Socialist Governors mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots has resulted in the dead voting along with thousands of other illegitimate ballots going into the count in these battleground states.  Isn't interesting that many ballots were counted with just votes for Joe Biden on them and no other candidates or propositions.  Republican poll watchers in many instances were denied entry.  Socialist Governors unilaterally changed their state rules in violation of their laws to facilitate fraud.  And, Socialist Governors and Secretary's of State have often eliminated Voter ID and signature requirements and or verification.  Envelopes on mail in ballots that had signatures on them were discarded or destroyed making tracing impossible. 

Donald Trump won this election in a Red Wave across the whole country.  The evidence is clear.   Republicans flipped and won as many as 12 new House Seats.  Republicans are likely to retain the Senate.   Republicans picked up a few more state legislatures to add to the 26 they already have.  Republicans added a Governor.  All of this was a rejection of Biden's Socialist Manifesto.  Trump won resoundingly in states with honest elections.  Trump losing just does not pass the smell test given all the other Republican gains.

So now Joe Biden calls for "healing".  I don't think so.  The Socialists, RINOS, Fake News, Hollywood, Big Business and the Deep State Establishment Swamp Lizards have spent four year attempting to destroy the Trump Presidency in the most vicious attacks ever seen in American politics or history including treason.  And now, Biden wants healing.  Hell NO!  Trump succeeded anyway to accomplish more in four years than any other President in American history.  But now it is pay back time. 

Half the country can neither forget nor forgive the fraud we see, nor the actions of the Trump Haters for four years.  If Trump is forced out of the White House as a result of Voter Fraud,  we will intensify our efforts to end the Biden Presidency before it even begins.  The run off election in Georgia on January 5 is the first step to insure that Republicans retain the Senate to be a check on Biden's Socialist Manifesto.   Next, we will target Socialists in the 2022 election to take back the House and grow the Senate Majority.  Money will be no object to get the job done. 

Win or lose in 2020, President Trump will lead a PAC to raise billions of dollars to focus on those Socialists who must be removed from office in 2022 and 2024.  And, finally, Biden can expect Republican State Attorney Generals to challenge his crazy Socialist Schemes in court.   There will be no healing.  The 2020 election is just one more battle in the war to Make America Great Again.  Let's not forget that Donald Trump can run again in 2024 and don't be surprised if he does so. 

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