Friday, November 13, 2020

The Trump Republican Party

Win or Lose, there can be no doubt that President Trump has put together a new Republican coalition.  He garnered about 73 million votes in 2020, 10 million more than in 2016.  He has gotten more votes than any President running for reelection in American history.  In fact, Obama actually got 4 million fewer votes when he ran for reelection than he received when he first ran.  There was clearly a Red Wave in 2020 as Republicans gained as many as 12 or more seats in the House, are likely to retain the Senate, gained two more state legislatures added to the 26 they already have and added a Republican Governor.  This all happened because Trump was on the ballot. 

Establishment Republicans better take notice.  And by the way, the RINO Lincoln Project that spent millions trying to take down Republican members of Congress failed miserably in every case.  The old Republican Party that loses Presidential elections was the party of big business, Wall Street and free trade that killed millions of jobs.  The Trump Republican Party is the party of low taxes and less regulations, working people, small business, Pro-Life Evangelicals and other Devout Christians and Catholics, people of color, gun owners, those that support law and order, America First Trade Deals, Energy Independence, Secure borders and less involvement in foreign wars.

Any Republican running for any office in our country better recognize that these positions are the way to win elections.  In some cases depending on the Congressional district or state, it may be necessary to finesse some of these positions; but overall Trump's outreach to voters worked.  So proposing Trump's positions; but without the personality flaws is the way to go. 

Ironically, the Democrat Party is now the Socialist Party of America supported by Coastal Elites, Big Business that wants open borders for cheap labor and lousy trade deals to give them access to China, Hollywood, foreign entanglements that will get the US into more wars, Big Tech, those that support abortion right up until birth and even beyond, open borders, those that want to curtail or even eliminate gun rights, the Green New Deal, government single payer health care and socialized medicine, defunding the police, higher taxes and job killing regulations.  Many of these things would destroy jobs and result in a lower standard of living for the American people. 

President Trump and Trumpism is not going away any time soon.  Trump may eventually be forced to leave the White House; but he will not concede the election that was tarnished by massive voter fraud, which resulted from Socialist Governors mailing out millions of unsolicited ballots.   Trump will soon establish a Political Action Committee to raise billions of dollars to support candidates at all level of government committed to his MAGA  Agenda.   President Trump has forever changed the Republican Party for the better to win elections.      



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