Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dealing With China - America Last

General James Maddis, Trump's former Secretary of Defense, fired by Trump, has advised Joe Biden that he should abandon Trump's America First positioning.  What an idiot.  So what Maddis and Big Business are telling Biden is to go back to the America Last policies that resulted in closing 70,000 factories in the US with more than five million manufacturing jobs shipped to China, Mexico and other countries.  It also means lousy trade deals that kill American jobs and our allies getting a free ride related to their own national defense. 

Globalist US Presidents just don't seem to understand that they are President of the United States not President of the world.  Let's not forget it was Obama that went on his apology tour when first elected blaming America for all the problems of the world.  It was disgusting.  We can expect Biden to do more of the same.

And, then there is China.  Joe Biden is owned by China lock, stock and barrel as a result of the crooked deals involving his son Hunter Biden.  The Biden Crime Family walked away with more than a billion dollars from China to start a hedge fund that made them millions of dollars each year.  So how on earth can Biden hold China accountable for intellectual property theft, dumping cheap goods in the US destroying whole industries and human rights abuses in Hong Kong and among their Muslim population.  Trump was the first President, Republican or Democrat to stand up to China by imposing tariffs to get them to the table to begin the first phase of a decent trade deal that is mutually beneficial.

That will all go away under Joe Biden because his Global Big Business supporters want full access to China, which was interrupted by Trump's policies and tariffs.  These huge global companies don't care about jobs destroyed in the US as long as their senior management makes huge bonuses from business in China.  We are going back to the bad old days of China stealing our intellectual property, lousy trade deals that advantage them and not us and unfettered abuse of their own people.  What we will soon see under Joe Biden is America Last. 

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