Thursday, November 26, 2020

The Catholic Church In America - The Great Divide & Schism

 The same cultural divide that exists in the United States exists within the Catholic Church.  About 50% of Catholics led by Socialist Pope Francis and the Hierarchy voted for Biden.  I will call them Fake Catholics because many of them rarely attend Church and they do not adhere to the tenets of the Church.  They are the social justice left wing of the Catholic Church; mostly cultural Catholics.  They probably cost Trump the election particularly since many of them live in the mid west, though voter fraud actually caused his defeat.   

And then, there are the Conservative Pro-Life Catholics, the real Catholics, the 50% of the Church that do adhere to the tenets of the Church.  These are the Catholics that regularly attend Church and write the big checks that support the Church.  50% of all monies collected by the Catholic Church world wide comes from these Catholics in America.  It is these real Catholics demanding that Fake Catholic politicians like Biden, Pelosi, Kane, Durban and many others not be allowed Communion because they support abortion right up until birth and even after.  Yet most of the Catholic Hierarchy, including the Pope and liberal priests ignore these crimes against humanity.  There is nothing more evil than abortion of viable babies.  It is heinous murder.  These are the Catholics that voted for Trump.

Conservative Catholics in the US offended by Socialist Pope Francis are leaving the Church in droves.  With them goes their money.  Many are joining Bible Based Pro Life Evangelical Christian Churches which are growing, while the Catholic Church in the US is shrinking.  For every conversion that occurs, 6 Catholics are leaving the Church.  The Hierarchy sees the train coming.  20 years from now, the Catholic Church in the US will primarily be composed of poor or lower income Hispanics.  And, while they fill the pews, they do not fill the baskets during mass with much money.   

This is the reason the Pope and Hierarchy support open borders.  The Catholic Church receives billions of dollars each year from the federal government to care for illegal aliens once they make it into our country.  In essence, the Church is feeding at the trough.  So the Church was behind the caravans coming up from Central America working with a Communist front group called Sin Fronteras (without borders) based in Chicago.  This group also receives money from George Soros. Since the Hierarchy knows Conservative Catholics are going away and actually wants them to go away, they need illegal aliens and federal money to support them to keep the gravy train coming in the door.  

The Pope has expressed disdain for Conservative Catholics.  He wants their money; but not their opinions about him.  Many Conservative Catholics are counting the days until Socialist Pope Francis is gone.  As a practicing Judeo Christian Catholic, I can say that Pope Francis is dead to me.  I see Pope Francis as evil and the Anti Christ.  This is the man who recently condemned Americans protesting Covid restrictions; but praised BLM and Antifa Communist Terrorist Thugs rioting, looting and burning down our cities to protest the death of George Floyd.  

Conservative Catholics want Socialist Pope Francis gone.  The only problem is that the Pope has appointed Cardinals that are likely to vote for another radical Socialist to be the next Pope.  This will drive even more Conservative Catholics away.  As it is now, many Catholic Schools have closed.  And, more often than not young people that attend Catholic Schools by the time they are 25 are no longer practicing Catholics.  These young people either move to more liberal or more conservative Christian denominations. Our sons were baptized Catholic; but they and their families are devout Evangelical Christians.  I would never encourage them to go back to the Catholic Church in its current condition.  This is all compounded by the way the Church covered up the sexual abuse cases around the world.  Half the Hierarchy in the US should be in jail for covering up horrible sex abuse crimes including Bishop Gomez from Los Angeles in charge of the US Catholic Conference of Bishops. 

Many Conservative Catholics are disgusted by a corrupt, bloated Hierarchy of old men in robes living off the fat of the land.  As such, the Catholic Church will continue to shrink within the United States unless repopulated by illegal aliens flooding into our country.  Joe Biden is happy to oblige, which is why Socialist Pope Francis is so thrilled that Biden was elected even if by fraud.  The same cultural war that exists within our country exists within the Catholic Church and it is getting worse by the day thanks to Socialist Pope Francis, who is a divider not a uniter.  

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