Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obama Deporting Iraqi Christians

At the same time that Socialist President Obama is allowing Syrian Muslim Refugees to enter our country, some of whom may be ISIS Terrorists, since we cannot really Vet these people, the Obama Justice Department is in the process of deporting 27 Iraqi Christians, sponsored by churches in San Diego, that came into our country without documentation from Mexico.  To be sure, these Iraqi Christians, seeking Refugee Status are illegal aliens, just like the Mexicans and others that come across our border every day.  The difference is that these Iraqi Christians are fleeing beheading and slavery in Iraq by ISIS.

Obama claims there should be no religious test for Syrian, or presumably Iraqi Refugees coming from this Terror Zone even though the law specifically considers denial of religious rights as a basis for Refugee Status.   In this case, we KNOW that Christians are being murdered in Iraq and Syria and other countries in the world just because they are Christians.  No real Christian would stand by and allow this to happen.  So clearly, Obama is not a Christian.

It is time for Congress to take action in a Bipartisan vote, that is VETO proof, to allow Christian Refugees from anywhere in the world where they are being persecuted and murdered to enter our country.  All they need as evidence is a Baptismal Certificate from a local church to prove that they are Christians along with a history of practicing Christianity.   Socialist President Obama has blood on his hands if he will not allow this to happen. 

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