Friday, March 11, 2022

Ukraine - Biden's Line In The Sand

141 countries at the United Nations voted to condemn Russia and Vladimir Putin's war on Ukraine.  There is no doubt that war crimes have already been committed as Putin has killed women and children bombing apartment buildings, hospitals and schools.  Cluster bombs prohibited by the Geneva Convention have been used that are just short of nuclear weapons.   Syrian Dictator with Russian help used chemical weapons against his people.  It was a line in the sand for President Trump who bombed Syria as a result.  

So, what is Biden's line in the sand in Ukraine.  Russia has used chemical weapons before in various wars.  Biden stopped Ukraine from getting MIG fighter jets from Poland.  There is enough death and destruction now to justify giving those MIG's to Ukraine.  Are we going to stand by and watch all of Ukraine destroyed as occurred by Hitler in World War II.  Putin has already sent in more than 600 cruise missiles to destroy civilian targets.  There are already over 2 million refugees that have left Ukraine.  Putin intends to murder Ukrainian President Zelensky if they can find him.  Will that be a line in the sand.  Or must it be the use of chemical weapons.  

We need to give Ukraine tanks and planes to defend their country.  They need more Stinger missiles, anti aircraft batteries and Javelins.  We need to create safe cooridors to allow Ukrainians to leave their country into safety.  Many of them should be flown to the US and given refugee status.  

What we are seeing happen in Ukraine is Hitler all over again.  Putin, his Generals and others in the Putin government should be named War Criminals now subject to prosecution.  Aside from confiscating any assets they may have overseas, we must prohibit them from traveling outside Russia.  We must marshall an alliance of the willing from the 141 nations that condemned Putin.  We must destroy the Russian economy to persuade the people that they must bring down Putin Dead or Alive to stop this war.  Biden has to do more and draw a line in the sand with consequences.  

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