Friday, September 23, 2022

National Education Association (NEA) Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) Teachers Union

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest teachers union in the United States.  They are an extremely partisan political organization totally tied to the Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat Party).  Feckless Joe Biden, owned by the NEA as are all Socialist Fascist politicians spoke to the NEA this week and said not one word about improving the quality of education in the United States where half the kids cannot read or do math at grade level and inner city kids are way below grade level.  The fact is that the NEA is opposed to all reforms needed to improve the quality of education and academic achievement in our country, including School Choice, metrics to improve quality and academic achievement, merit pay, ending teacher tenure so bad teachers can be more easily fired etc. etc.  

Socialist President Franklin Roosevelt was opposed to any government employee unions because he believed it was incompatible with the public interest and would lead to corruption and boy was he right.  It was failed President Jimmy Carter that created the federal department of education in exchange for teacher union support when he was being challenged for the nomination by Ted Kennedy and we see the end of that story, lousy public schools in many parts of the country.  

The NEA is not a labor union solely in business to represent the interests of teachers concerning working conditions and compensation and benefits.  Instead, the NEA supports the Socialist Fascist agenda including open borders, defunding the police, abortion on demand right up until birth and even after, letting criminals out of jail, BLM and Antifa Terrorists, higher taxes and more regulations, the Green New Deal,  and all the other crazy socialist schemes advanced by the far left that are destroying our country.  Of course, the NEA hates America First MAGA voters.  And, the NEA believes that parents protesting at school board meetings against Critical Race Theory Marxist racist revisionist history and gender ideology and indoctrination, which the NEA supports are "domestic terrorists" that must be arrested and prosecuted.  This is a very dangerous anti-American organization.  

The National Education Association is not in business to support the interests of students and parents, rather they are all about teachers doing less for more and feeding at the trough.  The NEA exists to elect Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrat) politicians that will follow their orders, which is why any tax exempt status must be eliminated.  If Republicans take control of the Congress, they must move to repeal tax exempt status for any so called non profit organization that is using dues money or donations for political purposes.  The Socialist Fascists always talk about "dark money" in politics.  The darkest money there is comes from Planned Parenthood and the NEA that spend millions of dollars every year supporting Socialist Fascist candidates for office.  They are free to donate monies as they choose, but this cannot be done under tax exempt status.  Even setting up political arms is bogus because all donations, or dues are fungible.  This is just a corrupt shell game.  

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