Friday, November 16, 2012

Socialists Push For Higher Taxes - More Stimulus

A gang of Socialists in the US Senate are pushing for $2 Trillion in tax increases, an even higher amount that what Socialist President Obama is asking for to fund more SwindleUS Plans.  Even though Obama's previous Trillion dollar, borrow and spend stimulus plans, did nothing to create jobs, these Senators want to double down as unemployment continues to rise.  Hold on to your wallets, Middle Class that voted for Obama, they are coming after YOU. 

No one should be surprised.   Just look at California to see Socialists in action.   California already had the highest taxes in the nation; yet Socialists just made them higher by an initiative vote on all Californians.   Yet, California still has billions of dollars each year in borrowing to fund deficit spending that is unsustainable.  California bonds are classed as junk bonds, paying around 6%, in a 1% environment.    The Public Employee unions are calling the shots in California that now has a legislature that is two thirds Socialists along with a Socialist Governor.   These characters have not only killed the Golden Egg, as job killers, they are killing the Golden state.  

The "rich" have been fleeing Califonia for years to places like Nevada that has no personal, corporate or estate tax.   This latest California tax increase will be great for property values in Nevada, so as a Nevada resident, I say thanks much.   But for the people of California, including the Middle Class and small businesses, California is becoming intolerable.   Gas in Texas is a dollar a gallon cheaper than in California because of California regulations as just one more example of Socialist regulations.   It is impossible to manufacture anything in California because of very high utility cost and regulations, which is why companies have been leaving for the last 20 years.   This is what is coming to Obama's America. 

Republicans in Congress should just say NO to higher taxes.   We need tax reform, not tax increases.    Tax rates should be cut for all Americans, along with deductions, except the charitable deduction, that distort the tax code.  Capital Gains and Dividends should be taxed at no more than 20% to create jobs.  The corporate income tax should be cut to no more than 20% to be competitive with the rest of the world.  The $5 million Estate Tax exemption should be made permanant.   It is not that all levels of government don't collect enough in taxes, it is that government spends too much.

We have to cut the waste, fraud and abuse that exists in government, beginning with eliminating 500,000 federal civilian employees, out the current 2.65 million, through normal attrition.    We also must get rid of all the redundent programs, agencies, commission and departments to stream line the federal government.  We have to cut government spending from Obama's 25% of GDP down to more traditional 18%.   Unless and until all of these things happen, there should not be one more dime in new taxes imposed on anyone. 

Socialists are job killers.  Higher taxes and more regulations are job killers.   We will never bring down unemployment if these Socialist schemes are allowed to prevail.   We are stuck with Obama for four more years.   However, 20 Socialists in the Senate are up for reelection in 2014.   If you have a Socialist Senator, call him or her and help them see the light and feel the heat.   Tell your Socialist Senator to knock it off.   They have made a mess of our economy in the last four years.   Enough is enough. 

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