Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Obama's Middle East - A Real Mess

When Socialist President Obama was elected in 2008, many, including him, believed he was the Messiah sent to earth to save the world.  Guess what, it did not happen.   Obama assumed that since he has lived in a Muslim country when he was a child, that this somehow prepared him to deal with the age old problems in the Middle East.  We see the end result.   Islamic fanatics are now in control of North Africa, including Egypt, the largest Arab country.   Syria is falling apart resulting in thousands of deaths.  Iran is that much closer to having nuclear weapons.   And, finally, Israel is under attack. 

No one can say the Middle East and our relations with these countries is in better shape today than when Socialist President Obama did his Apology Tour to the Middle East in 2009, blaming the US for all the evils in the world.  In fact, the Middle East Is A Real Mess worse now than has been the case in many, many years. 

Israel has endured years of rocket attacks on their country from Gaza and Southern Lebanon.  Giving these areas back to the Palestinians was supposed to buy peace.   It did not happen as Hamas and Hezbollah, both Terrorist organizations, funded by Iran and other Arab countries deny Israel's right to exist and continue the fight.   What country on earth would tolerate these attacks, year after year.   Israel must act to destroy Hamas and Hezbollah to defend their nation.   What else can they do?

Ultimately, if we don't act first, Israel will have to deal with Iran to prevent that country from having nuclear weapons.   A nuclear Iran, in addition to being a threat to Israel, will destabilize the entire Middle East as other Sunni Arab countries, like Saudi Arabia, that hate Shia Iran will feel compelled to go nuclear too to counter Iranian influence. 

Socialist President Obama has failed in the Middle East as he has failed to restore economic growth in our country.   The situation there is worse today than when Obama took office.   Just think, we have to endure four more years of Obama's incompetence.  God help us all. 

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