Sunday, November 18, 2012

20 Republican Governors Say HELL NO to Obamacare

20 Republican Governors have wisely said they will not set up the Health Care Insurance Exchanges required by ObamaCare arguing that there is no point in incurring expense at the state level, since these Exchanges are governed by the federal government anyway.   The other 11 Republican Governors should follow suit.   This is Obama's Socialist Scheme so Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress should be held completely responsible for ObamaCare when American citizens begin to see the end result of government intrusion into their health care.   As such, the federal government will have to set up these Exchanges so that the estimated 20 million Americans, likely to lose their company sponsored health insurance can buy their own coverage, some with subsidies and some with none.  

There are already doctors that will not accept Medicare patients because the payments are so low as a result of the $716 Billion cut to Medicare that is in ObamaCare to pay for insuring 30 million of Obama's PEEP's.   And, when the Medicare Advantage HMO program, impacting 22 million Senior Citizens, is eliminated in 2014, requiring Senior Citizens to buy Medigap insurance, assuming they can afford the $300 - $500 a month that it cost, they need to blame Obama and his Socialist pals in Congress for their handiwork.  

Finally, when medical care is rationed as a result of the Death Panels that are part of ObamaCare, just call Obama to find out why a medical procedure is being denied by the insurance company.   This "rich" will buy what they need.   The poor and middle class will just be out of luck because they will not be able to afford these procedures.   All of this is coming beginning in 2014.  

Those of you that voted for Obama in 2012, you can take credit for ObamaCare.   It is now your baby.  Just wait until your insurance company tells you that you can't have a cancer screening, prostate exam, or heart surgery that could save your life.   All of this is coming to a doctor or hospital near you, thanks to ObamaCare.  

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