Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Drama Obama - Four More Years Of Crisis

We are likely to see four more years of crisis, caused by Socialist President Obama because it is his management style and the means of advancing more of Obama's Socialist Schemes.   As Raum Emmanuel, Obama's former Chief of Staff and now the Mayor of Chicago, once said, "never let a good crisis go to waste".   This means that our country will be in a constant state of turmoil because Obama is incapable of actually governing. 

Turmoil translates to uncertainty, which will result in less investment by business, higher unemployment and a lower standard of living for the American people.   We are mad as hell and we can't take it any more.  We need peace and tranquility in our country to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.   This Blogger believes that Socialist President Obama is intentionally attempting to bankrupt the United States to cause our nation's economic collapse to grab more power by Executive Order to "transform" our country into a Socialist, or even Communist country.   What other explanation can there be for Obama's Trillion Dollar plus annual deficits added to our $16 Trillion National Debt.

Obama is out on the campaign trail again rather than working with Congress to overt the Fiscal Cliff that is coming on December 31.   This Man/Child is incapable of actually being President of the United States.   Obama needs to get his butt back to Washington DC and bring the leaders of Congress into the White House to hammer out a deal to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.  It should have been done a year ago; but now we are down to the wire. 

Our nation cannot take four more years of constant turmoil caused by Drama Obama.    It is time for Socialist President Obama to stop the campaigning and start doing his job.    We need a common sense deal to cut spending and deal with the Fiscal Cliff.   If not now, when??

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