Monday, November 26, 2012

Obama - There He Goes Again

Socialist President Obama continues to be in campaign mode, dividing the country, even though he won the election.   It is time for the Campaigner and Chief to be President of the United States, fully capable of actually governing a very divided country.  Obama continues to make matter worse when he tries to portray Republicans as opposed to tax policy benefiting the Middle Class.   The fact is that the Bush Tax cuts, on a percentage basis, reduced taxes on the Middle Class, most.   And, it was Republican Presidents including Nixon and Reagan that agreed to the earned income tax credit that is still in effect today to help the working poor stay off Welfare.   It is time for Obama to stop all the BS and put the teleprompter away to meet with Members of Congress to overt the Fiscal Cliff that is looming.   That will not happen if Obama continues to pollute the political atmosphere with more lies and propaganda that he used to win reelection.  It is time for the truth squad, which is always tough for Socialists that will lie, cheat or steal to stay in office. 

Where in the hell is Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, or even Lyndon Johnson, when we need them, all of whom enjoyed politics and knew how to make deals and govern.  Obama is a Man/Child that would rather run for President than be President.  We need leadership and we need it now.   The nation is about evenly divided between people that foolishly adore Obama and those of us that can't stand him.   For once Mr. President, rise above politics and do what is best for the nation.  

We need to reform the tax code along the lines recommended by Simpson Bowles that called for lower tax rates for all and elimination of loop holes and deductions in the tax code.   We need entitlement reform to save Social Security and Medicare that are headed toward bankruptcy.  ObamaCare, as a new entitlement, must be on the table because the money is just not there, after all the smoke and mirrors, to pay for it.   And finally, we need lower corporate income tax rates to keep jobs in America.  This is the deal that must take place if we are to have any chance of economic growth and job creation again in our country. 

Obama and the leaders in Congress of both political parties should be at the table non stop to hammer out a deal that all can support.  Instead, Obama first went to Asia right after reelection and now is back on the campaign trail trying to get his way like a spoiled child.  Enough is enough.   It is time for the grown up's in Washington DC, including the President if he is a grown up, to stop the non sense and get the job done.   This Blogger and the nation are tired of all the posturing and more campaigning.   The President won reelection.  Now he needs to govern, if he can.   

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