Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Republican Party & Gay Rights

In order to build a Republican majority, we have to be more inclusive related to various interest groups in our country.   While Gay Americans make up a very small percentage of our population, they are a very vocal minority group, particularly since the left wing media acts as their loud speaker.  It is incorrect to say that Gay Americans are discriminated against in the workplace.  In fact, various studies demonstrate that Gays actually earn more than the average American primarily because they tend to be better educated.  So that is a non issue to the extent that it is happening; though there may be individual cases that warrant attention.   I just don't see it happening in business today. 

The really big issue for Gay Americans is the ability to marry, or perhaps more important to have all the rights afforded married people under the law.  The reality is that other than all the hoopla that goes along with weddings and the religious aspects and history of marriage around the world, marriage in the United States is actually a contract between two people that is recognized under the law.  That is the reason married people can't just say I divorce you three times, as apparently happens in some societies, to just end a marriage.   Divorce is the dissolution of a contract and it can be ugly because of the emotion involved. 

However, use of the word "marriage" as defined by religious tradition and history as between a man and a woman is a sacred institution for many people.   The words husband and wife are gender specific.   This is the reason why many people are uncomfortable when two Gay men refer to themselves as husbands; or, two Gay women refer to themselves as wives.   Strictly speaking from an English language perspective, it would seem more appropriate for Gay Americans to use the word spouse, or partner, however, what they choose to call each other is their business.   To put this in perspective, if I were to refer to my wife consistently as "my woman" instead of my wife, or my "old lady" again instead of my wife, it might make some people feel uncomfortable because of the connotation.  I only make the point to say that words matter.

In any case, other than a reference to the relationship itself, the word marriage as defined between a man and woman is sacred to many people, which is why many get riled up concerning Gay Marriage.   Yet the reality is that if two Gay Americans choose to enter into a contract, a Civil Union, that replicates the advantages of marriage, why should anyone care.   Yes, I know about the passages in the Bible that refer to Gay Sex as an abomination.   But there are other passages in the Bible, as well, that would require all of us to be Kosher.  I don't know about you; but I just love bacon, so no Kosher for me. 

Obviously, two people of either sex can live together anyway, so why would any Republican care about a contractual relationship that is not called "marriage".   We have to get over this issue.  Gays need to get real too.  Using the word "marriage" is poking many in the eye and as long as the rights of marriage come from Civil Unions, what purpose does it serve to do that to the majority population.  In the broader scheme of things, while I am sure the issue of marriage, or Civil Unions is very important to Gay Americans that may be single issue voters, why should anyone else care about this particular contractual relationship.  I certainly don't. 

And, there is some humor in all of this because with Gay Civil Unions will come Pre-Nuptial Agreements, Gay Divorce, Alimony and Child Custody issues.   Anyone who has gone through a miserable divorce, something this Blogger has only seen from a distance with employees and friends,  Gay Americans that enter into Civil Unions may rue the day they asked for this right.   In any case,  it time for Republicans to stop worrying about other people's contractual relationships.   Civil Unions, without using the word marriage, but providing all the rights of marriage, should be the Republican position and the law of the land.   Can we please move on to more important things like the potential economic collapse of the United States if we keep adding to our $16 Trillion National Debt. 

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