Sunday, November 18, 2012

Unions Attacking Wal Mart

Unions have been trying for years to unionize Wal Mart's Sales Associates that grow to one million during the holiday season.   The latest stunt is a walk out by disgruntled workers on Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year.   Of course, it will amount to a hill of beans as most Wal Mart employees will report to work; but the lame stream, left wing media will provide the publicity to make it a story.  

What is really missing in this discussion, is that Wal Mart provides jobs to many people that would otherwise be unemployable, since they have no real job skills, or education.   These are people making about $8 to $12 an hour, plus benefits doing work that requires minimal training, or knowledge.  Fully loaded, these employees probably cost Wal Mart about $20 an hour.  Many Wal Mart employees may be people working part time to supplement family income, or students earning the money to attend college.   While there is honor in all work, it is important to recognize that Wal Mart's claim to fame is providing low prices to consumers that benefit from Wal Mart's low labor cost and volume purchasing power.  

Raising Wal Mart's cost of doing business by raising total compensation and benefits for unskilled workers would hurt the very people unions are trying to help, (nothing unusual), lower and middle class people that primarily shop at Wal Mart.   Wal Mart provides a training platform to help otherwise uneducated employees get a second chance to gain some marketable job skills and the discipline that comes from just showing up on time.   Those employees that gain marketable skills at Wal Mart can then take those skills and move on to higher paying jobs in a free market economy.  

As such, for many people, Wal Mart, as an entry level employer, can be a stepping stone to better jobs.   Once again, given the chance, unions will screw this up hurting not only Wal Mart employees; but Wal Mart customers that benefit from Wal Mart's lower prices.   Of course, Socialist President Obama will use his National Labor Relations Board to support his Union PEEP's because it is really all about collecting union dues to support Socialist campaigns that counts.   Do these job killing characters every learn the lessons of history, as unions have destroyed industry after industry, resulting in jobs going over seas.  Wal Mart will go to automated checkers and thousands of their employees will lose their jobs, if they are forced to pay union higher wages.   It is what it is. 

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