Saturday, April 21, 2012

Independents Will Decide The 2012 Presidential Election

For better or worse, Independents will decide the 2012 Presidential Election.   About 40% of Americans are committed Republicans and 40% are left wing Socialists.   As such, elections today are decided by those Americans that swing both ways from election to election.   This Blogger does not understand these people.   How is it possible to vote for a Socialist in one election and a Conservative in another.   Independents will tell you that they vote for the man or woman, not for the political party.   That might be understandable if the parties were pretty much the same as was the case years ago.  That is not the case today.

The Democrat Party of John Kennedy, or even Bill Clinton, is dead.  It died with the election of Barack Obama.   It is doubtful that Bill Clinton could be elected as a Democrat today because he is too moderate.   What is left is the Socialist Party of America.   And, though Mitt Romney has been on all sides of most issues during his political career, he is clearly speaking as a Conservative today because the Republican Party is the Conservative Party of America.

This Blogger will support Mitt Romney because at least for now he is saying all the right things.   Romney does support some differentiation in the tax code to benefit the "middle class", which in essence speaks to class warfare issues; but otherwise Romney is walking the talk of a Conservative.   If elected and if he does not tow the Conservative Party line, he will be a one term President because he will lose his base. 

So where does that leave Independents.   Do they actually listen to what the candidates are saying.   I don't think so.  As of now, Romney appears to have a slight edge over President Obama with Independents, which is a very bad sign for Obama.   As such, Obama is moving further to the left to get his PEEP's, the growing number of Americans on the dole,  the 50% of Americans that pay no income taxes at all, union members, radical environmentalists, trial lawyers and crony capitalists, all feeding at the trough, to the polls.  

The real question is how will the 25 million Americans that are either unemployed, under employed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether vote.   Will they vote for Obama that is promising them more Welfare checks, or Romney who is promising them a pay check.

Obama is playing the same Class Warfare game as Franklin Roosevelt, in hopes that enough voters will actually ignore his record.  No President in modern history has won reelection with unemployment of 8% or more since Franklin Roosevelt; but that was before Fox News and Bloggers like me.   Obama has done a miserable job as President, based on the numbers, not just this Blogger's opinion.   As such, the only way Obama can win reelection is to implement a very divisive strategy that pits Takers, his PEEP's against Makers, those of us that pay all the income taxes in America.   The problem is, if Obama wins reelection and particularly if Republicans make even more gains in Congress, he will be a lame duck President from day one of his new term.  It will be a hollow victory resulting in grid lock in Washington DC. 

Mitt Romney on the other hand is in a position to attack Obama's dismal record.   The trick for Romney is to move to the center a bit without losing his Conservative base.   That will require a real balancing act in order to attract enough unmarried women, Independents and Hispanics in key states to win.   Romney proved during the Republican primaries that he is tough enough to win.   Mitt Romney is clearly not John McCain, who despite his war record, wasn't tough enough to win. 

Independents will decide the election in 2012.   If you happen to know any Independents, it is time to help them understand that voting for Socialist President Obama will result in the bankruptcy of the United States, a probable loss of our national sovereignty and our personal freedoms.  This is probably the most important election in modern times because the choice is so stark.  Stick with the numbers; not with emotional arguments. 

There are 25 million Americans either unemployed, underemployed working part time that want full time work, or that have just given up looking for work altogether.   47 million Americans are on Food Stamps, an increase of 26 million since Obama was elected, a record number and the highest in American history.   GDP growth at about 1.7% is dismal and cannot lead to a full employment economy.   There are 5 million fewer people working since Obama was elected.  The National Debt has grown to more than $16 Trillion during Obama's watch.  The Obama Administration has added 11,000 new job killer regulations.  Obama has no energy policy, which has resulted in the cost of gasoline doubling since his election.  Obama's economic policies have been a disaster for our country.

This election is not about who has the best smile, or the fact that Obama happens to be Black.  In fact, that ship has sailed.   The American people elected our first Black President, with no meaningful work or even political experience; now it is about Obama's job performance, not the color of his skin.   Mitt Romney has both the practical work experience and political experience to be an effective President.   Romney understands the workings of free market capitalism.   Romney is positioned to restore economic growth and job creation again in America.  That is the message we need to take to unmarried women, Independents, Hispanics and all Americans.   It is about Jobs Stupid.   

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