Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Style Democrats Running From Obama

Democrat Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia has stated that he may not vote for Socialist President Obama, his party leader.   This should be no surprise.  Old style moderate Democrats can't possibly support radical, left wing, Socialist Obama.  This is really true for Joe Manchin from West Virginia because the vast majority of people in West Virginia do not support Obama. 

West Virginia is coal country.  Obama's Gestapo, the Environmental Protection Agency, is doing everything possible to destroy the coal industry.  Coal is the life blood of West Virginia.  Though coal mining can be dangerous, the pay for coal miners is very good.  Anything that threatens big coal, threatens jobs in West Virginia.  In addition, Senator Manchin is a bit of a fiscal conservative who knows that Obama is bankrupting our country.   Manchin fully understands the implications of Obama's annual trillion dollar deficits.   

The real question is will Senator Joe Manchin act in the interest of our country and endorse Mitt Romney, the likely Republican nominee for President, since very likely the majority of West Virginians will vote Republican.  We shall see in the next few months.   In another case, Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill from Missouri is in trouble in her reelection bid for voting for ObamaCare.   The people of Missouri rejected ObamaCare in an initiative vote.   Now, there is a pretty good chance that the voters of Missouri will reject McCaskill next November. 

The few remaining moderate Democrats in the Socialist Party have two choices, stick with Obama and lose, or support Romney and maybe even switch parties and win.  This is particularly true for the few remaining moderate Democrats elected from Red states.   There is a clear divide in the United States.   There are Obama's PEEP's, the Takers living on the dole, one way or another and the Makers, the rest of us, paying all the income taxes in our country.  There are red states and blue states.  For the most part, there are Socialists and there are Conservatives.   Yes, there is the 20% of population that often swings both ways; but the reality is that ultimately they must support either a Socialist or a Conservative. 

Ronald Reagan often said that we need bold colors, not pastels in our politics and he was right.   There are two political parties in the United States, the Socialist and the Conservative parties.   The terms Democrat and Republican are actually obsolete.   It is better this way because it gives the American people a clear choice.  Also, the notion of reaching across the aisle is dead because it has led to 100 years of Socialist creep.  In the mean time, watch the few remaining moderate Democrats abandon Obama in the next few months.   They have no choice.   If they stick with Obama, they will lose reelection as happened in 2010.

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