Saturday, April 27, 2013

Time For Common Sense Conservatives

When George W. Bush ran for President, he described himself as a "Compassionate Conservative", as if to say for the first time that we had a Republican candidate that cared about the people.  This Blogger always thought that this description was first squishy and second insulting to all Republicans that have supported charities, non profit organizations, religious denominations and the arts for years.   In fact, it is Republicans that give a huge percentage of their income to various organizations to do good in our country, not Socialists that rely on government to solve all problems.  The reality is that after spending about $19 Trillion tax payer dollars on the War on Poverty, as proclaimed by President Lyndon Johnson, our poverty rate is higher today than years ago; proving that government programs do not work and in many cases are counter productive. 

This Blogger prefers the term "Common Sense Conservative", which is easy to define.  Does it make sense to continue borrowing a Trillion or more dollars a year from the Chinese and others to fund federal government waste, fraud and abuse and redundant programs, agencies, commissions and departments?  Does it make sense to borrow money adding to our National Debt and then pay it out in foreign aide to other countries like Egypt, being run by the Muslim Brotherhood, that supports Terrorism?  Should we have added ObamaCare, as another Entitlement Program, when Social Security and Medicare are headed toward bankruptcy?  

Does it make sense to provide Illegal Aliens with Food Stamps, that is happening today, in violation of the law.  Does it make sense to provide the poor free cell phones at a cost of $2.2 Billion a year, when we have crumbling bridges and roads?  Does it make sense to provide more funding to public education, as currently configured, when results are so poor in inner city schools? Is it logical to pay government employees 40% more than is common in the private sector for like work?   Does it make sense to raise taxes and add more regulations to the thousands already on the books, when these will be job killers retarding economic growth and job creation?  Of course, the answer to all these questions, by anyone with old fashion common sense, must be a resounding NO because it is just plain crazy and counter productive to do these things.  

Yet, President Obama continues to advance Socialist Schemes designed to grow government and pour even more money into failed government programs, that not only have never worked in the United States, they have never worked in any Socialist, or Communist country in the world.  Conservatives just need to preach Common Sense to get through to the American people and win elections.   Let's just hope that Republicans finally get it.   This is not brain surgery, just old fashioned common sense. 

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