Saturday, April 20, 2013

Terrorism - Obama's Split Personality

Socialist President Obama seems to have a split personality when it comes to fighting global Terrorism.   The tough Obama has actually done more than Bush II to fight Terrorism by sending in drones to take out Terrorists, including one that was an American citizen, in Yemen, Pakistan and presumably any place we find them.   And of course, Obama eventually approved the invasion of Pakistan, to his credit, to take out Osama Bin Laden.   All of this is very good and wise since these fanatics plot to murder Americans. 

Where Obama falls down is his unwillingness to tell it like it is.  When Ronald Reagan called the old Soviet Union, an "Evil Empire", it was the beginning of bringing down Communism and ending the Cold War.   Socialists around the world, including many so called diplomats and the lame stream, left wing media were very critical of Reagan for that characterization.   But Reagan just called it as he saw it and spoke the truth. 

After 9/11, when Bush II called for a War on Terror, it was finally a recognition that, whether we like it or not, we are war with Radical Islam that had declared war on us 40 years earlier.  Both the Reagan and Bush statements represent pivotal moments in American history.  To destroy our enemies they have to be recognized.   Franklin Roosevelt declared all out war against Germany and Japan.  From that point, the only path ahead was Victory over Evil. 

Here is the reality.  Some large number of Muslims, perhaps a third to half, nobody really knows for sure, hate the United States and Western Values focused on Freedom.  These people want to create a Caliphate Dictatorship in the Middle East that stretches all across North Africa to Iran based on Sharia Law.   They see all other religions including Christianity and Judaism as heresy.  Islam began by the sword and they now see their mission to promote Islam by any means possible, including acts of Terrorism, or even worse.

These fanatics are now in control of Egypt, Iran, the Gaza Strip and parts of Lebanon.  They are tyring to gain control of Syria.  Saudi Arabia, though presumably run by a more moderate Royal family, funds Madrases Schools all over the world, led by Imam's that preach hatred of the West and Israel.  All of this is the picture we face. 

What recently happened in Boston was carried out by a couple of young Muslim guys, presumably tied to other Terrorist groups in Russia.   Obama reluctantly finally referred to the bombings and murders in Boston as Terrorism; but to date he has not referred to the Terrorists as Muslims.  In order to defeat our enemies, we must call them what they are; Islamic Fanatics focused on murdering our people.   It is what it is.  And, Obama must push the Saudis to stop funding these schools that are breeding hatred and more Terrorists. 

The Western World is at War with Radical Islam, mostly because they declared war on us 40 years ago.   Socialist President Obama needs to tell it like it is.   If a Terrorist is an American citizen, if captured, they must be given all rights accorded our citizens under the Bill of Rights, no matter how heinous the crime.  However, if a Terrorist is a foreigner from any nation and they commit an act of Terror on our soil, or on Americans anywhere in the world, they should be deemed an Enemy Combatant and if captured sent to Guantanamo for a Military Tribunal Trial. 

The notion that the Obama Administration is trying the Brother In Law of Osama Bin Laden in a New York City Court House, providing him the rights of an American citizen is ridiculous.  Maybe by the end of Obama's second term, his two personalities will come together and he will get all of this right.  Let's just hope so for the sake of the American people. 

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