Sunday, April 28, 2013

Obama & The FBI Dropped The Ball

It appears that Socialist President Obama (the buck does stop with him) and the FBI dropped the ball in reference to the Islamic Terrorists in Boston and their mother, who may have been part of the plot to explode the bombs at the Boston Marathon.  Russia provided the Obama Administration and the FBI conclusive evidence that something was going on with this radical Islamic family.   The FBI did follow up with questioning; but then dropped the ball related to continued surveillance.   Not sure why?

Of course, Obama will not say the words Radical Islam and is often hesitant to use the words Terrorism and Terrorists.   Bush II declared a War on Terror.   With Obama sometimes it is a War, when he using drones to kill Terrorists overseas; but then at other times,  Obama just refuses to accept that a large percentage of Muslims support Terrorism and Terrorists.  The money is coming from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Pakistan and perhaps other Muslim countries to support Terrorists.  

Of course, these particular Terrorists were actually on welfare in the United States to add insult to injury.  Their mother is wanted for a theft charge in Massachusetts, so we won't be seeing her in the US any time soon unless she is extradited and brought back in chains, which should occur because she may very well have been involved with her sons in waging Jihad, unholy war against our people. 

Look, to defeat our enemies we must recognize who they are.   Presumably, most Muslims are peaceful and of the .8% of Muslims in the US assimilating into our society.  But there are radical Imams in many Mosques around the world, including the United States and Madrases Schools, funded by Saudi Arabia, preaching hate and death to the Infidels, all of us.   It is what it is and the sooner Obama recognizes reality, the better we can deal with Radical Islam to protect our people. 

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