Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gun Control - The Great Divide

Socialist President Obama and the left wing lame stream media suffered a big defeat related to additional gun control laws they were pushing as a result of the Connecticut school shootings.  In a vote of 54 for and 46 against, Obama and the Senate Majority Leader Socialist Senator Dirty Harry Reid of Nevada were not able to get the 60 votes required in the Senate to enact, even universal background checks, let alone limits on assault rifles and the size of gun magazines.

The reason some Socialists voted with the Republicans is the great divide that exists in our country between Red and Blue states and rural and urban states where guns are a way of life.  Several of these Socialist Senators, that are up for reelection in 2014 represent Red States.   When Socialist Senator Max Baucus was asked why he voted against universal background checks, he answered with one word, "Montana", the state he represents.  Montana is full of ranchers and gun owners going back to the Wild West.  

While gun dealers in most states do background checks, that effect 60% of sales in the United States, this new law would have required private citizens buying guns at gun shows to undergo background checks, which often is not a requirement.  The reason some people prefer to buy guns at gun shows may be better deals; but more importantly is that background checks could eventually lead to a National Registry.   And, all gun owners know that the next step after establishment of a National Registry is potentially the FED's knocking at the door to enforce gun confiscation.

Let's face it, many Americans just do not trust the ever intrusive federal government, particularly when Socialists are in power.   As a student and former teacher of history that has learned the lessons of history well, I must conclude that this distrust of government is warranted.   Governments around the world, including the US government, have done evil things to their citizens.   Further, our Constitution reflects distrust of government by our Founding Fathers, as demonstrated by our Bill of Rights, which includes the Second Amendment guaranteeing our right to own guns.  Our Founding Fathers, that had just fought a revolution, recognized the potential of an over reaching, tyrannical government first hand. 

Adding more gun laws to the 9,000 or more already on the books that are rarely enforced will not solve the problem of these mass murders at our schools.   The solution lies in making it much harder to enter schools, more security on school campuses and dealing with people who have mental disorders.  Universal background checks would not have prevented the tragedy in Connecticut.   We must also deal with drug related murders committed by gang bangers, with illegally purchased guns, to protect their territories.  The federal government should act to solve the problems we face; not to limit the freedom of the 99.9999% of law abiding gun owners.   

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