Sunday, January 26, 2014

Obama Persecuting Christians - Why?

Secular, No Religion, Socialist President Pinocchio Obama and his Justice Department continues to persecute Christians in the name of ObamaCare.  Obamanistas just do not understand that Roman Catholics, in particular, but other Christian, as well, simply cannot provide medical insurance to their employees that pays for contraceptives, or any kind of abortion drugs, or abortion procedures.  It is a violation of their religious FAITH and as such should be protected by the First Amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing freedom of religion.  A number of Catholic organizations have filed litigation to prevent this Obama over reach.  

The Little Sisters of the Poor just got an injunction, by unanimous vote of the entire Supreme Court, to stop Obamanistas from enforcing their dictatorial ObamaCare Mandate, while their case winds its way through the lower courts.  Here is the reality.  Women who choose to work for Catholic, or other Christian organizations that do not choose to provide Contraceptives, Morning After Abortion pills, or outright Abortion coverage, as a matter of faith, are free to either work someplace else, or to access Birth Control, or Morning After Abortion pills from Wal Mart, or Planned Parenthood for little or nothing.  There is no requirement that organizations provide out right abortion coverage anyway.  This Blogger and company owner made absolutely sure that our company sponsored health insurance does not cover abortion procedures, unless the mother's life is in danger, which is required by law. 

So why is Obama persecuting Catholics and other Christians.  The answer is simple.  Obama and many of his Socialist pals, though not all, support unlimited access to abortion right up until birth, including heinous partial birth abortion.   Obama also supports Gay Marriage, which is also opposed by the Catholic Church and other Christian denominations.  The lame stream, left wing media, Hollywood, Radical Feminists that want the right to destroy babies at will and radical Gays that hate the Catholic Church for its beliefs, are Obama's PEEP's.  

Obama does not dare cross his radical PEEP's that form the base of the Socialist Party, particularly since his poll ratings continue to fall as a result of his failed Presidency.  All Obama has left are his radical PEEP's and those on the dole.  More Moderate Democrats and Independents are abandoning the Socialist Party in droves because of Obama's failed Socialist Schemes.  So much so, that the Socialists may lose complete control of the Congress in 2014, which will essentially end the Obama Presidency, two years before its conclusion.   As such, Obama has to persecute the Catholic Church and other Christians to keep his PEEP's happy.   However, in doing so, Obama is pushing the Socialist Party further and further to the left, which will be disastrous at the polls in 2014 and 2016. 

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