Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Iran - World Powers Surrendered

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has boasted that "World Power's Surrendered" in the recent deal to limit sanctions on Iran in exchange for talks concerning their development of nuclear weapons.  Socialist President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry got snookered once again by Iranian leaders that have no intention of ending their nuclear program.  They are just stalling for time to make their nuclear weapons a fait accompli, or in English, a done deal.   At some point and sooner than later Western countries will either have to deal with Iran as a nuclear power, or use military force to end their nuclear ambitions.  Certainly, Israel cannot stand by and allow Iran to become a nuclear power and or if they are powerless to stop them, both Israel and Saudi Arabia will have to expand their nuclear programs and delivery systems to create a strong deterrent to check Iranian power in the region. 

What ever happens, this will go down as another Obama foreign policy blunder and failure.   Iran is the the greatest sponsor of Terrorism in the world.  Iran is behind all the instability in the Middle East.  It is only a matter of time until a future President of the United States will have to take military action against Iran.   We cannot allow the Islamic Radicals in Iran to have hegemony over the entire Middle East.  Socialist President Obama has not learned both the lessons of Economics 101, or History.  Appeasement never works.  All should have learned that lesson with Adolf Hitler; yet Obamanistas must have skipped those university classes. 

Even now, as talks are supposedly going on, the Iranians are continuing their nuclear program.  Obama and other Western leaders, desperate for a deal, have in fact surrendered to the Iranians.   At this point, the only course of action is for the US Congress to enact even stricter sanctions so when the deal falls apart, which is likely to happen, we can hit Iran hard.  Actually, the Congress could save the President from himself because if these sanctions are enacted over a Presidential Veto, he can blame the Congress.  This will will provide more leverage during the talks.   Anyone who trusts Iran is a naive fool.  Sadly, we don't have Ronald Reagan, who brought down the old Soviet Union, sitting in the White House.   Pinocchio Obama is no Ronald Reagan and so talks with Iran will fail. 

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