Sunday, January 12, 2014

Obama - Unlikely Commander In Chief

In his tell all book, Duty, former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates paints Socialist President Obama as very detached from his role as Commander In Chief.   Obama inherited two wars, Iraq, that the President always called the wrong war and Afghanistan that he saw as the right war, since 9/11 emanated from Afghanistan.  Gates says that about the only thing that got Obama passionate, concerning the Military, was his Executive Order to eliminate Don't Ask Don't Tell to allow Gays to openly serve in the Military.   Why would anyone be surprised by Obama's lack of interest in being a war time President.  Obama, the Liar In Chief and Community Organizer sees everything through a domestic policy lens.   It's all about putting as many people on the dole as possible for Obama and not a lot else.  And, everybody knows that arrogant Obamanistas, like most left wing Socialists, have no respect for the military, which was confirmed by Gates.    This is the reason many high level officers in the Military have resigned rather than serve under Obama. 

The fact that Obama had to manage two wars the day he was sworn into office was an inconvenient necessity that Obama would rather ignore.   To his credit, Obama has used drones to go after Terrorists and he did give the order to kill Bin Laden; but it is clear today that Al Qaeda is hardly "decimated" as often declared by the President.  We see Obama on TV just about everyday as we suffer from Obama fatigue.  Yet, is it rare that Obama brings up National Defense, except to cut monies going to the Military.   Obama prematurely pulled out of Iraq and we see the end result.  The odds are better than 50/50 that Iraq will disintegrate into chaos, much as is happening in Syria and Egypt.   There is no reason to believe that after all the sacrifice in blood and treasure that Afghanistan will not also fall apart once we are gone. 

Instability in the Middle East cannot be good for our country, or our allies in the Region.  Obama's incompetence and lack of attention to dealing with foreign policy will come back to bite us.   As Islamic Radicals take over these countries, we are likely to see years of strife if not all out war involving Western countries and Israel.  It is just a matter of time.  For better or worse, whether the President, any President likes it or not, the role of Commander In Chief comes with the big house and the jet.  It is clear that Obama would much rather be out golfing, or on the campaign trail bashing Republicans concerning Domestic issues, than be in his office doing his job as Commander In Chief.  Former Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, who served four Presidents just stated the obvious in his book.   Socialist President Obama is no Ronald Reagan on the world stage, nor does he care to be.  That's for sure.      

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