Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Obama Seeks To Cut VET's Medical Choice Program

When the Veteran's Affairs Scandal surfaced demonstrating that VETS were getting poor service from the government's Veterans Medical System, Congress enacted the Veteran's Medical Choice Program, which allowed VETS to get private care at government expense, if they could not get care from the government system.   $10 Billion was allocated for this program and the bill was signed by Emperor Pinocchio Veto Obama.  

Now, Obama is asking Congress to approve an 8% increase for the Veterans Affairs Administration, for a total of $70.2 Billion, in the next fiscal year, despite the scandal in which VA administrators cooked the books to steal bonuses that were not earned from the American taxpayer.   These VA administrators that were guilty of this crime should have not only been fired, they should have gone to jail.  Of course, that did not happen.   Surprise, Surprise. 

But what is worse, Obama wants to give the Veteran Affairs Administration the ability to take the $10 Billion that was supposed to be allocated to the Veteran's Medical Choice Program and incorporate those monies into their corrupt and incompetent system.  This would deny VETS the choice that was promised.  No doubt, Obama is reacting to support his union crony supporters.   They don't want VETS going outside the government medical system because their jobs and fat pensions depend on having VETS in their government hospitals.  What Obama is trying to do to VETS, that have received such poor service and in some cases died because of Veterans Administration incompetence, is just disgraceful.  Hopefully, the Republican Controlled Congress will just say NO, NO, NO.

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