Sunday, February 8, 2015

Coyotes & US Banks - Smuggling Illegal Aliens Into America

In a recent Bloomberg Markets article, it has come to light that Coyotes, human smugglers, are using US Banks; more specifically Wells Fargo, Bank of America and JP Morgan Chase; though there may be others, to smuggle Illegal Aliens into the United States.  To be clear, this is a multi-billion dollar business as these Coyotes demand thousands of dollars for each Illegal Alien they transport into the US.  It is very simple system.  The Coyotes require that installment payments be deposited in their bank accounts, in progress payments, every step of the way.   Apparently, anyone can make a deposit into a bank account.  The Coyotes use these particular banks because they have branches all over the US. 

Relatives in the US, whether legally or illegally, are depositing the required sums of money into these bank accounts to get their Relatives in Mexico, or Latin America into the US.  The system, though tough on the Illegal Aliens while in transit, works very efficiently.  Billions of dollars are passing through these banks each year to facilitate the smuggling of Illegal Aliens into the United States.  In a sense, by not monitoring these accounts more closely, the banks mentioned and perhaps others are complicit in the Illegal Alien trade.  This Blogger has bank accounts at all three of these banks.  The next time I go the bank, I intend to confront the bank manager with this information, if nothing else to say, Shame On You. 

The Obama Justice Department under Liar Attorney General Eric Holder is doing little or nothing to stop this from happening.  Why doesn't Socialist President Pinocchio Veto Obama issue one of his famous Executive Orders requiring the banks to crack down on these accounts.  It is not happening because Obama is focused on providing Executive Amnesty, by Executive Order, to more than 5 million Illegal Aliens.  Even before Obama issued this Executive Order, Obamanistas have been giving legal status to millions of Illegal Aliens.  Obviously, Obamanistas and their Socialist Pals in government do not recognize our border with Mexico.  If they did, Socialists would secure the border once and for all. 

In the mean time, US banks must stop facilitating the Illegal Alien trade and business.  If you bank with one of these companies, the next time you go to the bank, express your displeasure by telling them in no uncertain terms that they are complicit in transporting Illegal Aliens into the United States, which is against the law.  I know, I intend to do so.      

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