Monday, February 9, 2015

Vaccinations Should Be Mandatory

Vaccinations have recently become a political issue.  This Blogger is generally opposed to government intrusion into personal, or family life, however, when it comes to public health, parents who send their children to public or private Day Care Centers, Nursery Schools, Elementary, Middle or High School should be required to provide vaccination certificates for polio, measles, mumps and chicken pox.   These are highly infectious diseases that can spread like wild fire in a school.  No parent has the right to expose other children to these diseases.  This Blogger had the measles, mumps and chicken pox, presumably before these vaccinations existed.  I remember very high fevers and allot of pain and suffering.  Further, since then because I often travel to exotic places,  I have been vaccinated against every disease known to man with no side effects. 

Some children are subject to febrile seizures (both our sons) that can come when fevers spike.  I saw the convulsions that often accompany high fevers.   Risking infecting other children and potential seizures because some parents have the ill conceived idea that vaccinations can cause autism, which has been completely discredited by studies, is crazy.  There are a lot of parents in California and other states that refuse to have their children vaccinated.   If so, the law should require that they home school their kids and inform other parents, whose children might come in contact with their children, that they are not vaccinated. 

We are seeing an outbreak of measles in the US because of these parents who refuse to have their children vaccinated.  We have our first grand daughter, who will be vaccinated as soon as her pediatrician tells her parents that it is time.  In the mean time, since she is in Day Care in California, we have to worry about the other children in her Day Care Center;  not knowing if they have been vaccinated, or not.  Since California is la la land, there is a pretty good chance that some number of   kids in our grand daughter's Day Care Center, are not vaccinated.  We should not have to worry about infectious diseases that have been conquered.  We are not living in a third world county.  This is a problem that should not be happening in America.  State governments should act to make vaccinations mandatory for any kids attending any kind of public or private school.  This is just common sense. 

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