Friday, February 17, 2023

I-Phones Are Tracking Devices - Big Person Is Watching

Everyone who has an I-Phone, which is most everybody in the developed world is carrying a tracking device.  Google and Apple are watching, listening and generally seeing everything you do on that I-Phone.  They know where you are and all your interactions.  In addition, you can be sure that the federal government also has the same information stored at the mega center they built after 9/11 in Utah now that we see FBI and CIA collusion with Big Tech.  Big Brother, or oh wait we can't say Brother anymore, so Big Person is spying on all of us in the name of national security.  

Many crimes have been federalized, which is why the FBI has become a local arm of government.  The FBI has offices in most major cities ready to be at every crime scene.  The fact that the FBI is tracking parents that attend school board meetings and or traditional Catholics that attend Latin masses, now seen by the federal government as "domestic terrorists" is very scary.   The FBI has become the Gestapo or the KGB secret police.  Soon there will be 87,000 new IRS agents authorized to carry guns.  Now why would an IRS agent need to carry a gun.  It is bad enough that they can make life miserable with audits; but they should not also be part of law enforcement like the ATF that regulates gun ownership.  

Other federal agencies like the Department of Education, Homeland Security and Environmental Protection have also been weaponized to monitor the actions of the American people rather than deal with the issues they are charged with managing.  The key to all of this is the I-Phone that grants all of them access to daily life.  Our freedoms are under threat.  The Bill of Rights is being shredded by Deep State Swamp Lizards.  The democracy they claim to protect is turning into a Fascist Dictatorship run by the Elites in our country feeding at the trough that control all aspects of daily life.  We are reaching a dangerous turning point in our country.  

The American people must stand up and say ENOUGH.  We must reign in Big Person to remain a free country.  We must demand that the tracking stop.  Turn your I-Phone off to stop the intrusion as much as possible.  Not sure if it will prevent Big Person from tracking us even when off; but just maybe it will make it harder for Big Person to see every move we make.  

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