Saturday, February 18, 2023

Reverse Discrimination Will Destroy Our Country

Dr. Martin Luther King said in his famous speech that we all should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin.  That was a noble idea.  That is not happening today in many businesses or in government.  In fact, in many cases White heterosexual men in particular need not apply.  In some cases, Asians are facing discrimination particularly related to university applications to make room for Black and Hispanic students with lower qualifications and test scores.   Would you want to go to an Affirmative Action brain surgeon.  I think not.  

Feckless Joe Biden just announced that he was very proud that his administration was the first in American history to have a majority of appointments go to people of color, meaning Blacks and Hispanics some of whom are Gay or Transgender.  The problem with this positioning is that Biden's administration does not represent the majority of people in the United States.  If we are going to implement a quota system, which is what is happening then some large percentage of positions must go to White heterosexual men.  To do less is racial and sexual discrimination and a violation of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution requiring equal protection under the law.  The lawsuits are coming.  

Many large companies are requiring quotas in their hiring practices making it tough on recruiters that can only bring a White candidate to the table if all other options have been exhausted.  This Blogger faced racial discrimination years ago when I was a teacher.  Given my Master's Degree in Education Administration and Administrative Credential I was told years ago that I was being considered for an Administrative position in LA City Schools; but that they were really looking for a Mexican.  The woman went on to say that since I was Italian, spoke Spanish and had a mustache at the time, that I might be close enough.  They went on to hire a Black woman that was not as qualified as I was.  

Just imagine if a Black or Hispanic person was told, they were really looking for a White person; but since they were light skinned and might be able to pass, they might be close enough.  In any case, after this exchange, I left public education and never looked back.  This idiot woman did me the biggest favor of my life as I went into a very successful career in business.  

Tucker Carlson raised an interesting point.  Why would White people continue to support our tax system if they knew that they and their children were facing racial and sexual discrimination in our country.  If this Identity Politics continues, it will destroy our country.  We have never been more divided since the Civil War.  Reverse Discrimination will only make matters worse.  This feeds into the extreme right wing in our country that is advocating violence in the name of equal justice under the law.  This is not a good thing.  

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