Friday, February 3, 2023

75 Years Of Warmongers & The Military Industrial Complex

Since the end of World War II, the United States has been at war someplace in the world one way or another for the past 75 years fighting to save "democracy" from evil empires.  The reality is that all these wars in the name of protecting our people have really been to defend American dominance and economic interests around the world.  In that sense, our people also benefited.  So otherwise, what have we learned.  President Eisenhower, in his farewell address warned of the threat of the Military Industrial Complex that benefits from these wars.  The only reason the United States was able to preserve South Korea as an independent country in the Korean War was because President Eisenhower threatened China with nuclear weapons if they did not agree to a settlement.  The outcome today is that both North Korea and China along with other nations have nuclear weapons, the lesson they all learned from the experience.  

Obviously, Vietnam and Afghanistan turned into disasters for the United States because we did not use nuclear weapons to end those conflicts.  What other conclusion can there be.  Clearly, the use of overwhelming US conventional weapons did not result in winning those wars.  Russia is learning this lesson the hard way; though since they lost in Afghanistan as well, using conventional weapons fighting against a determined people, it should be no surprise.  President Trump is right, as usual.  If we don't reach a negotiated settlement with Russia and soon, they are likely to use tactical nuclear weapons rather than face a defeat in Ukraine.  Then what?

Once again, there are warmongers in the United States in the name of "fighting for democracy" who will cause World War III.  Some of them are suggesting that NATO should attack Russia and destroy its navy in the Black Sea to prevent the takeover of Ukraine by Russia as though Russia would not fight back with nuclear weapons. Are they crazy?  The West is as much responsible for this war in Ukraine as Russia.  After the fall of the old Soviet Union, instead of making peace with Russia, we expanded NATO right to its borders.  We should have invited Russia to join NATO to diminish the threat to them.  That is what needs to happen today to end the war in Ukraine.  

Just imagine if Russia or China had their troops in Mexico armed with nuclear weapons.  We almost had Armageddon when Russia attempted to put nuclear weapons in Cuba.  If Mexico was allied with Russia or China allowing them to base troops and nuclear weapons across our border, I suspect the United States would invade Mexico.  We may need to do so anyway to destroy the drug cartels and stop the invasion of our country.  

And, are we really going to defend Taiwan if China invades.  It will lead to nuclear war.  We have made an invasion of Taiwan even more certain by correctly denying China sophisticated computer chips.  Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest producer of sophisticated semiconductors in the world that is building a huge plant outside Phoenix in anticipation of what is coming, is the real reason that China will invade Taiwan.  China needs this technology.  Though it does make sense to stop China from getting these chips, since they power everything, China will take action to make sure they remain a world power.  It is inevitable.  

We are in the ten year periods before World War I and II, yet those in power cannot see the nuclear train coming.  Conventional wars don't matter anymore because they cannot be won.  We were able to win World War II because the United States was the "arsenal of democracy" unscathed from the war and able to outproduce our enemies in military equipment.  That is not possible today with hypersonic missiles that could destroy our industrial capacity in minutes.  One of the reasons for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan was the embargo that we imposed on Japan of strategic materials like oil because of their aggressive actions in Asia.  

While we may have been right to do it, countries react when they feel aggrieved.  Further, we used nuclear weapons to defeat Japan because we determined that they would not surrender.  If the West continues on the same path, we will end up in a nuclear war with Russia and or China sooner than later that no country can win.  Unfortunately, we have not learned the lessons of history.  Our actions whether supplying Ukraine with weapons or denying China computer chips will result in counter actions.  History is being repeated before our eyes with apparently no one trying to stop it.   

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