Sunday, February 12, 2023

Learning The Lessons Of History - Heading Toward World War III

For those of us who have studied history, it is pretty obvious that we are in the periods of time before World War I and World War II heading towards World War III.  The invasion of Ukraine is very likely to turn nuclear if something is not done to stop it.  Russia's Vladimir Putin will not accept defeat in Ukraine.  Putin will first attempt to use massive conventional weapons to get Ukraine to surrender giving up some of Eastern Ukraine and if that does not happen, he will then turn to tactical nuclear weapons by destroying one or two second tier cities in Ukraine to get Kiev to surrender.  Sound familiar, we did the very same thing to force Japan to surrender.  President Eisenhower threatened China with nuclear weapons to end the Korean War. 

China continues to build up its military to confront the United States and our allies in the Asia Pacific region when they invade Taiwan.  These spy balloons are just a small indicator of the military capability coming.  They will have the capabilities they need in the next few years.  That invasion will happen because they need control of Taiwan Semiconductor, the largest maker of sophisticated computer chips in the world.  The recent spy balloons they flew over the United States were just practice runs.  

When they invade Taiwan, they will explode a nuclear weapon high above the United States to knock out our power grid making it difficult for us to respond with the very nuclear weapons systems they studied with the spy balloon.  If this happens, we won't even be able to communicate with our submarines or bombers equipped with nuclear weapons.  Hopefully, the US government has a fail safe Plan B, but I would not count on it. 

Iran will soon have nuclear weapons.  They seek hegemony over the Middle East and the destruction of Israel and Saudi Arabia.  Hard to imagine that they would send missiles targeting Jerusalem because of Muslim holy sites there, but they would have no hesitation to destroy Tel Aviv or Haifa.  Israel of course will never allow Iran to deploy nuclear weapons.  They will band together with Arab Sunni countries and Saudi Arabia in particular that are also threatened by Iran to destroy Iran.

The unpredictable North Korean dictator is just crazy.  A crazy man with nuclear weapons is never a good thing.  Kim's goal is to reunify Korea.  He might take out a second tier city in South Korea using nuclear weapons to force the surrender of South Korea.  There would be no surrender just all out nuclear war.

Any of these scenarios would result in World War III as Superpowers and the European Union would immediately become embroiled in these conflicts.  We are indeed in the time periods before World War I and World War II just waiting for the spark to ignite the fuse.  It is time for the leaders of the major countries of the world to come together to stop this train from going down the track.  If something is not done and soon, the path we are on will lead to Armageddon.  What we see before our eyes is history repeating itself.  

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