Saturday, March 4, 2023

Mail Order Abortions On Demand

As was predictable, Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion mill immediately went to Plan B as Red States acted to limit abortions when Roe V Wade was struck down by the Supreme Court.  The answer was simple, Mail Order Abortions.  Using telemedicine, Planned Parenthood in Blue States would simply issue prescriptions for the abortion pill in Red States.  Since Medicaid no doubt pays for the abortion pill, both Walgreens and CVS, the largest drug chains in the country applied with the FDA for permission to fill those prescriptions.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) in the Biden Administration were happy to approve those applications because they are determined to keep killing innocent babies.  The only problem for Planned Parenthood, Socialist Fascists and the big drug chains is that 20 Republican Attorney Generals in Red States have filed litigation to stop this from happening.  As a result, Walgreens just announced that it would not sell the abortion pill in those Red States.  I suspect that CVS will follow suit.

Of course, none of this stops women who want abortions from traveling to Blue States where abortion on demand right up until birth is available.  The abortion pill can only be used up to 11 weeks pregnancy.  After that the baby is to big to just be expelled as a miscarriage.  The good news is that the abortion pill can be reversed in the first 72 hours after taking the pill.  Pro-Life doctors prescribe progesterone, which reverses the effect of the abortion pill.  Once done, the baby can go to full term. 

However, we can expect Planned Parenthood and Bidenistas to come up with Plan C.  Those that are determined to murder innocent babies just never give up.  Don't be surprised if we don't see an illegal trade in these abortion pills run by the Drug Cartels.  They can be smuggled across state lines, or even in from Mexico and be sold on the Black Market.  Let's just hope that they are not confused with fentanyl in the process.  

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