Friday, March 17, 2023

State of Texas Taking Over Houston City Schools

Houston City Schools are so bad that the State of Texas is taking them over.  In the process, the current Superintendent and all School Board Members will be deposed.  The State Board of Education will appoint a new Superintendent and School Board to manage the district back to health.  However, to be fair, the same conditions exist in many major cities in the country, since half the kids in our country cannot read do math at grade level.  The state of Nevada ranks among the worst in the country because both Washoe County (Reno) and Clark County (Las Vegas), the two major school districts in the state have dismal academic performance and management, the Superintendents and School Board Members owned by the teacher unions, refuse to do anything to improve the quality of education in their districts.  

There is now a Republican Governor in Nevada, but the legislature is controlled by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) also owned by the teacher unions.  In addition to advocating School Choice, Governor Lombardo could declare Washoe and Clark County as education disaster zones and take over both districts.  But does Lombardo have the guts to do it.  I doubt it very much.  Joe Lombardo is not Texas Governor Greg Abbott or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis that do have the guts to stand up to teacher unions to improve public education in their states.  

No Socialist Governor would ever take over a public school district.  Certainly, Baltimore and Detroit should be taken over by their state governments; but that will not happen because their Governors are Socialists.  The same is true for many other inner city school districts like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago etc.  These school districts are corrupt and run by teacher unions. 

It will be interesting to see what happens in Houston.  No matter who runs the school district unless major reforms occur, nothing much will change.  There needs to be merit pay, an end to teacher tenure so incompetent teachers can be fired, a back to basic curriculum without woke ideology and a lot more accountability for administrators and teachers.  It would take a revolution to challenge the entrenched education establishment that will fight tooth and nail to continue feeding at the trough.  They want kids stuck on the plantation to protect their pensions and other benefits.  Improvement would require very hard work and that mean longer hours and more accountability; not likely to occur without a knock out drag out battle.  So watch Houston in the next few years to see what happens.  

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