Monday, March 13, 2023

Mexico's President Obrador Is Owned By The Cartels

Mexico's Socialist President Obrador claims that fentanyl and other poisonous drugs that are being smuggled into the United States are not produced in Mexico.  Really!!  This guy is either clueless or so completely owned by the Cartels that he is permitting Mexico to be run by the Cartels as a Narco Terrorist state.  Obrador does not support aggressively shutting down the Cartels because no doubt the entire government of Mexico is owned by them.  Obrador has stated that he will not use bullets to stop the Cartels because it causes so much blood shed.  

Obviously, Obrador does not care about the deaths he is causing in the United States.  Obrador is now even threatening to meddle in our elections by telling American citizens of Mexican descent to not vote for Republicans that are demanding military action to destroy the Cartels doing so much harm to our country.  Imagine that!!  

Unlike Columbia that worked with the US Military to shut down the narco terrorists in their country, Obrador has said that he will not give permission for the United States to operate in Mexico to shut down the Cartels.  The fact is that if the United States designates the Cartels in Mexico as Terrorists under our laws, we don't need Mexico's permission to do whatever is necessary to shut them down.  Like fighting ISIS,  we use our Intelligence agencies to determine where they are and then we use drones to destroy them.  It is a certainty that we already know where the drug production resides in Mexico.  And, we know who the leaders of the Cartels are in Mexico and where they are.

We could easily implement surgical strikes against both the factories producing drugs in Mexico and the leaders of the Cartels.  And,  though we don't need the Mexican government to cooperate, if they don't cooperate, we can just stop trade from coming across the border, which would cause so much economic hardship that President Obrador would have to cooperate.  Of course, feckless Joe Biden is not likely to do any of these things.  Who knows given the Biden Crime family propensity to take bribes maybe Joe Biden is on the take.  

Dealing with the Cartels is not likely to happen as long as Joe Biden is President.  It will take President Trump or a like minded tough Republican in office as President to get the job done.  So, we may have to endure more deaths from drug overdoses in the next few years before we can stop the poisonous drugs produced in Mexico from coming into our country.  This is a national security issue.  The President must act.  

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