Wednesday, March 1, 2023

President Trump's America First Trade Policies

In his bid for the Republican nomination for President, President Trump is putting out various policy positions to attract voters.  A recent one dealt with trade and bringing jobs back to the United States in critical industries.  Trump is proposing that tariffs be charged on all goods that are critical to the United States coming in from China and perhaps other countries.   These would have to include pharmaceuticals, rare earth minerals,  electronics necessary to our defense industry and military and many other items.  Since we clearly can produce cars in the United States, importing them from China is ridiculous. 

The globalists that pursued an America Last policy cost the United States 5 million manufacturing jobs as 70,000 factories were closed to ship those jobs to China and other countries.  Our government should never have allowed critical industries to leave our country.  By placing tariffs on critical goods coming into our country to level the playing field in perhaps 5 years those jobs will come back to the US.  However, this is not just about jobs.  Having critical products manufactured in China is a national security issue.  We cannot allow China to control the supply chain related to critical materials and or products.  

President Trump advocates America First Trade Policies in the interests of the United States.  Trump gets it while other Presidents and the globalists sold our country down the river.   It is time that this gets done.  Only President Trump will get it done.    

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