Sunday, March 5, 2023

Flip Flop Fauci Must Go To Jail

No one person in American history has done more damage to our country that Dr. Anthony Flip Flop Fauci.  We know now that Fauci funded the gain of function research at the Wuhan Virology Lab in China that created the deadly China Covid Virus that killed more than a million people in the United States and over 38 million people all over the world.  This virus escaped the Lab and then China knowingly allowed international travel into and out of Wuhan that spread the virus globally. 

Then to protect China from financial liability, Fauci and the World Heath Organization owned by China acted in concert to cover up the origins of the virus.  When President Trump referred to it as the China Virus, Fauci, Big Tech and Fake News called Trump racist for calling out the Chinese Communist government.  Fauci went further ordering other virologists in the United States to not publish their findings early on stating that this virus was man made and not a natural occurrence.  Fauci then worked with Big Tech to cancel anyone who dared challenge Fauci's assertions that the virus was a natural occurrence that probably came out of the Wet Markets in China where bats are sold for food.  None of this was true and China knew is was not true, which is why they destroyed all documents pertaining to the China Virus.  

This Big Lie resulted in the shutting down of schools to the detriment of millions of children in the United States and businesses that went bankrupt.  We know now that masks did little to provide any protection from spreading the virus.  And, after spending billions of tax payer dollars making Big Pharma rich, we also know now that the vaccines do not prevent anyone from getting the virus and even multiple times after being boosted.  The end result in the United States is that thousands of small businesses were destroyed.  Big business including Big Pharma made billions of dollars at the expense of small businesses that are now gone. 

Tony Fauci must be prosecuted for all the damage he caused our country and the world.  Fauci needs to go to jail.  Of course, it will not happen as long as feckless Joe Biden remains as President and the DOJ is headed by Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) lacky Merrick Garland is in charge of the DOJ.  They will never press charges.  But, just maybe if President Trump is reelected in 2024, Tony Fauci will face his day of reckoning.  This clown must go to jail.  

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