Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Senile Joe Biden Running For President - Again

In a staged three minute video, feckless, senile, Joe Biden has announced that he is running for President - Again.  To be clear here are the things Biden supports:

1. Abortion murder right up until the birth of a baby.

2. Preventing the United States from being energy independent, which is causing inflation in our country and helping China.

3. Higher taxes and more job killing regulations.

4. Sex change operations for young children.

5. The invasion happening at our border.

6.  Weaponization of the Justice Department, IRS and FBI to persecute Americans that do not follow the Socialist Party line. 

7.  Black Lives Matter destruction of our cities.

8.  Soft on crime policies that allow criminals to go free.

9.  Endless wars that have been caused by his failed leadership.

10.  Higher interest rates for people with good credit to subsidize people with bad credit.

11.  Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology indoctrination in our schools.

12.  Ballot harvesting and no voter ID to cheat on elections.

13.  Failure to confront China that is stealing American technology and jobs.

14. Reckless spending that will bankrupt the United States.

15. An America Last policy that benefits our enemies.

The list goes on and on of Biden position's that are destroying our country and Biden want to "finish the job".  Biden is by far the worst President in American History even topping Jimmy Carter.  We are literally on the verge of nuclear war with Russia, China, Iran or North Korea because of Biden's weakness.  And, all should remember that a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for Quemala Harris who is likely to take over as President if Biden is reelected because he will not be able to serve another four years.  Biden will either drop dead or need to be removed from office either by Impeachment for Biden Crime Family corruption or as a result of his inability to serve.  Harris as President is even scarier than having Biden remain in office.  

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