Thursday, January 26, 2023

Bidenista Definition Of White People - Racial & Sexual Politics

The Biden Administration as part of its woke agenda is redefining what it means to be a White person as they continue to play divisive Racial and Sexual Politics.  Apparently, only people of European descent can be White.  So there must be new categories for Middle Eastern many of whom are White.  For example is Turkey part of the Middle East or Europe.  There are White people born in lots of countries including Africa, Australia, New Zealand, etc. besides Europe.  Jews who are a semitic people many of whom lived in the Middle East for centuries are White; though some from Africa may be Black. Sephardic Jews may have olive complexions.  Arabs are also a semitic people and the cousins of Jews who vary in color.  Remember, Abraham is the father of both peoples. 

And, then there are people of mixed race like none other than Barack Obama and Quemala Harris.  Maybe there should be a category that says mixed race to accommodate multiracial people.  It would probably apply to half the people in the world.  As a Sicilian Italian with Greek, Roman, Arab, Spanish, Austrian and Jewish roots, what am I.  Biden is claiming that real White people descended from Europe somehow have a different world view and experience than other races and even White people who were long gone from Europe and born in other countries for generations.  And, then there are Mestizos, the mixture of Europeans, Latin American and or North American Indians.  Mestizo in Spanish means mixed race and it the basis for the country named Mexico.  Ironically, Mexicans would probably check the box Hispanic on a federal form, when in fact many of them with darker skins and indian features descend for Aztecs.  

Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) seek to divide our country by race and sexual orientation as they play both Racial and Sexual Politics.  Instead of one people under God, which should be the goal to unite our country, they choose to categorize us by various races and sexual orientations that don't believe in God.  It is this very kind of tribalism that leads to civil wars in other parts of the world.  When asked to check a box related to race or sexual orientation, there should be a box that says, "None of Your Damn Business".  Don't check the box.  When God was asked by Moses on Mount Sinai who he was, Yahweh, the Hebrew word for God said all you need to know is that "I AM".  All government needs to know is that "We Are".  

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