Monday, January 23, 2023

Classified Documents - The Secrets Of The United States

With the Biden Garage Gate Scandal, the whole issue of Classified Documents is once again in the news.  We saw the raid on Trump's Mar A Lago by gun toting members of the FBI Gestapo, which included going through the former First Lady's closet and now we see the kid glove treatment that corrupt Biden is getting.  The Biden case is much worse than the Trump fisco because a sitting President can declassify Classified Documents.  Biden as a former Senator and or Vice President had no such authority.  And, while the documents at Mar a Lago were all in one place and locked up, Biden had documents stored in his garage and home office at his home in Delaware and at the Biden Center at the University of Pennsylvania funded by the Communist Chinese.  

First, let's deal with Biden's home, which  junkie Hunter Biden claimed as his home on tax returns.  Hunter claims he was paying Papa Big Joe almost $50,000 a month to rent this home.  This would have been taxable income to Joe Biden.  Did it get reported.  But specific to the Classified Documents in this home in unlocked spaces, who has been in this home.  Supposedly, the Secret Service has a log.  We shall see whose names appear on this log.  Next, since the Chinese Communist paid for the Biden Center at the University, did they have access to these documents that were just sitting in a closet.  

All of this aside, more than one million Americans have Security Clearances to see Classified Documents.  Does anyone really believe that our enemies have not had access one way or another to these documents given the number of people that have them.  This is a serious National Security matter.  It is time for the powers that be to lock all this down and to review every single person that has a Security Clearance.  The FBI needs to investigate potential leaks.  My guess is that China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and maybe even our allies have seen these documents.  There are no secrets in the Washington DC swamp.  

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