Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Joe Biden Got Worked In Mexico

Feckless Joe Biden was lectured during his meetings in Mexico by Socialist President Obrador.  This character no doubt owned by the Cartels told Biden in no uncertain terms that the United States had not spent enough money supporting countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.  Obrador claimed that since President Kennedy spent $10 million on Latin America during his administration that little else had been done.  Obrador challenged Biden for his "forgetfulness" related to Latin America.  Biden to his credit meekly responded that the United States has given billions of dollars to Latin American and Caribbean countries in the last 20 or more years.  Can you even imagine, Obrador talking to the President of the United States this way had President Trump been sitting there.  It would not have happened.

Obrador went on to thank Biden for not building another meter of wall on the Border.  Obrador further demanded admission of illegal aliens into the United States.  It was time for gutless Joe Biden to hit Obrador over the head with a two by four instead of sitting there taking all this BS.  What Biden should have demanded was for Mexico to destroy the Cartels, which we should designate as Terrorists organizations, secure their own Southern Border and to stop the passage of illegal aliens and drugs through their country into the United States.  Biden should further have told Obrador that either he takes these action, or the United States will send in the US Military in to make it happen.  It was time for hard ball not mariachi's.  

Further that the United States will impose a 25% tariff on all goods entering the United States from Mexico if the invasion at our border does not stop.  These are the things President Trump would have done to demonstrate strength in his dealings with Mexico and their President Obrador.  What happened in Mexico was shameful.  Why should Russia, China, Iran or North Korea fear Joe Biden when he can't even stand up to the President of Mexico.  What happened in Mexico was a humiliating disaster for our country.  

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