Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Joe Biden - The Beginning Of The End - Garage Door Scandal

Feckless Joe Biden can't get his misguided policy story out because now he is dealing with the Garage Door Scandal.  Biden's defense that he did not know he was in possession of Classified documents for years is not plausible.  However, if it is true, it is even worse.  Hunter Biden was using the Biden home for partying.  Since they kept no log of who came and went, who knows who was there  when Old Joe was not at home.  There were Classified Documents in various locations including the infamous garage with the Corvette. In one picture, it looked like there was a stack of boxes over in the corner.  Could these be the boxes that housed the documents.  

Most important, Biden was Vice President while he was in possession of these documents.  He did not have the authority to declassify them.  Only a sitting President can do that as Trump asserts he did with the Classified Documents he had a Mar A Lago.  I doubt very much that ignorance is a defense in the law.  I suppose Biden can claim Dementia; but that certainly that would not help his reelection campaign.  Further, Biden sending his lawyers to pick up the documents was not kosher.  They did not have security clearances.  

This is just the beginning of the drip, drip, drip of destruction.  Once the Republicans in House begin their investigations of the Biden Crime Family, Justice Department, FBI, IRS, Covid and the border etc.  many more shoes will fall.  It was always 50/50 as to whether Biden would finish out his first term and run for reelection.  With each day that passes, the chances of Biden surviving all the scandals that are coming becomes less.  The Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) will soon get the long knives out to get rid of Joe Biden.  We are watching the Beginning of the End.  

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