Sunday, January 22, 2023

Stop China From Buying America

Communist China is buying America in many ways.  They are donating millions of dollars to universities and presumably other organizations to buy influence in our country.  They are buying farmland often near our military bases perhaps to grow food; but also to spy on our military.  China is investing in American companies to gain control.  China's goal is to surpass the United States in the next 50 years to become the world greatest and largest super power with influence and bases all over the world.  They also want to replace the dollar as the world's currency with Chinese Yuan to gain control over the global economy.  

When President Nixon opened China to world trade, the thinking was that eventually they would become more like a Western Democracy.  That has not happened and in fact, the Chinese Communist government is more authoritarian than ever.  In the meantime, China controls the supply chain related to many critical minerals, pharmaceuticals, technology, electronics and many other manufactured goods.  American companies closed down around 70,000 factories in the US and eliminated five million manufacturing jobs in the process.  Many of those jobs were moved to China to get lower cost of labor, less taxes and less environmental restrictions.   The US government by not acting to stop it was complicit in the hollowing out of our manufacturing base in the name of free trade rather than fair trade.   

Finally, just maybe leaders in both political party are beginning to better understand the threat that China poses.  As a result, everything China is doing in the United States must be scrutinized to determine what is in our best interests.  The good news is that Republican House of Representatives has established a Bipartisan Select Committee to determine China's activities in the United States presumably so that legislation can be enacted to stop China from buying America.  They need to move quickly.  Everyday that passes is a China threat to the United States.  We also must stop the fentanyl coming through Mexico from China that is killing our people.  That issue is about border security, or the lack thereof that must be addressed NOW.  

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