Sunday, January 29, 2023

Cops Commit Brutal Murder In Memphis - Justice Will Be Done

5 Black Cops in Memphis murdered a 29 year old Black man in the course of a wreckless driving pursuit.  Ironically, these Cops were part of an "Elite" group called Scorpion (the acronym for the group) that was formed a few years ago to deal with the high murder rate in Memphis.  The video tells the story.  In their attempt to arrest this man, they basically beat the hell out of him including kicking him in the head, spraying him with pepper spray, tasering him etc.   This happened within 200 yards of his mother's home, where he lived.  The man was heard screaming for his Mom while they were beating him up to death.  

This scene looked like a pack of wolves, street gang mercilessly attacking this poor guy.  Given the video evidence, the Black, female Memphis Chief of Police did not waste a minute.  Regardless of police union restrictions, she immediately fired all five of them and began an investigation of two others that were called to the scene.  They waited 20 minutes before they called 911 to get the man to the hospital where he died of this beating three days later.  This story is heartbreaking.  And, as the insistence of community leaders, the Chief disbanded the Scorpions, the elite group she created just a few years ago to deal with murders in the city, which may or may not prove to be a good idea. 

What occurred is unimaginable.  The Cops are trained not to shoot an unarmed man; but presumably to use other means to restrain someone; but this brutal beating showed 5 Cops completely out of control.  This was a Black on Black crime so at least there is no talk of racism; but the obvious police brutality will lead to more calls to Defund the Police, which is the exact wrong outcome from this horrible incident.  Once again,  all police departments must scrutinize their training so that Cops know how to deal with someone resisting arrest, armed and unarmed. Just maybe Cops should be armed with stun guns, the kind that are often used for animals to put them to sleep so they can be taken away.  It is basically a dart gun filled with a strong sedative.  If that type of gun had been used, the man murdered would be alive today.  

This blatant murder in Memphis should never have happened.   The 5 Cops will be charged with Second Degree murder and are likely to spend most of their lives in jail.  This crime will impact six families, including the family of the man murdered the worst; but also the Cops families.  Unless there is something very wrong with the guys hired to be Cops, they certainly did not wake up that morning with the intent to murder someone, yet that is what happened.  Justice must be done; but it is justice that will impact more than just the five Cops that committed the crime.  Let's just hope protests remain peaceful so even more people don't die or get injured as a result of this horrible murder.  

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