Friday, January 13, 2023

January 6th Riot Congressional Committee Kangaroo Court - Release All The Videos

The partisan Trump hating January 6th Committee investigation of what really happened that day during the riot was a Kangaroo Court run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) and a few RINOS all with Trump Derangement Syndrome.  Their hatred was so venomous that they were foaming at the mouth. These were the same people pushing the failed Impeachment of President Trump twice.  They hired a Hollywood Producer to produce their propaganda case against Trump and the protesters many of whom languished in jail in squalid conditions for months before even going to trial.  And of course, while many of these protesters have been prosecuted for just being there in some cases receiving long jail terms, those in BLM who rioted, looted and burned down cities, government buildings and business causing billions of dollars in damage walk free. 

Here are the facts.  The only person killed during the Capitol Hill riot by a Capitol Hill cop was Ashlee Babbit, a veteran and unarmed protester.  While some members of the Capitol Police may have been injured none of them died that day.  A few died for health reasons after the riot was long over a few days later.  One may have committed suicide.  We now know that the FBI had informants dressed in Trump garb within the crowd.  Deep State Swamp Lizard FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to answer the question about FBI agents in the crowd that day.   And, we also know that there may have been instigators in the crowd that were never arrested.  Why not?  In some of the videos we have seen Capitol Hill police waving the crowd into the Capitol.  How come?

And, both Socialist Nancy Pelosi and DC Mayor Bowser turned down the National Guard that was offered by President Trump days before.  Only they had the authority to approve having the National Guard at the Capitol that day.  They did not want the Optics.  Neither was required to testify before the January 6th Committee because under oath if the questioning had been honest, their failures  would have been revealed.  Now that Republicans control the House, they must release all videos including the thousands of hours that may have told a different story and they must subpoena both Pelosi and Bower to testify as to their role in this fiasco.  We need the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning January 6th not just Trump hating propaganda.  Just maybe now that Republican control the House, we will get the whole story, which of course Fake News will not report.  So what's new.  

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