Monday, January 9, 2023

Joe Biden, The Border & Mexico

Two years after Joe Biden was sworn in as President and 5 million illegal aliens and tons of killer drugs later since Biden took office entering our country, Biden for the first time in his political career, went to the border at El Paso, Texas to see the crisis his administration has until just recently refused to acknowledge. Biden was at the border for just a few hours meeting with a handful of border patrol agents, his Socialist Fascist (AKA Democrat) supporters and charities getting billions of dollars a year from the federal government to care for illegal aliens in transit to all points in the United States.   

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, was there to welcome Biden to the border.  Since Abbott knew he would be spending little time with Biden so he handed him a letter demanding that Biden secure the border and enforce federal immigration laws already on the books.  When Biden took office, the border was relatively secure under President Trump, which is ironic because Biden now blames Republicans for the chaos at the border that this policies have created.  There is absolutely grounds to impeach Joe Biden for failing to enforce our immigration laws.  Biden took an oath of office to preserve, defend and protect the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic.  It is certainly logic to say that the Cartels in Mexico are enemies of the United States.  

So right after Biden's photo op on the border, he was off to meet with Canada's Prime Minister GQ Trudeau and Mexico's President Andres Manual Lopez Obrador.   Since all three of them are Socialists, it should be a love fest; but it really should be a confrontation with Obrador in order to put America First.  Biden should be telling Obrador that either Mexico gets its Southern border and the Cartels under control or the United States will do it for him.  Further, Biden should allow Americans that have lost loved ones to fentanyl overdoses coming through Mexico to sue the Mexican government for failing to stop this drug production and shipment from Mexico.  Mexico should be required to pay billions of dollars for their unwillingness to stop this drug trafficking.

Unfortunately, Mexico is now a narco state run the Cartels.  In addition to bribes no doubt going to many members of the government, police force etc. the Cartels will simply murder anyone who opposes them including the President of Mexico.  This is why Obrador has stopped arresting members of the Cartel.  He fears for his own life and he knows that they will mercilessly murder anyone else who stands in their way.   This is why the United States must take action including sending our military into Mexico to control their Southern border and destroy the Cartels.  

President Trump has said that if he is relectred, he will do just that the same way he destroyed ISIS in Iraq.  Gutless Joe Biden will do no such thing because Biden always puts America Last.  So, while Biden enjoys his Tacos at lunch with Obrador, nothing meaningful is likely to come from his trip to Mexico.  It is time to play hard ball; but since Joe Biden is not up to the job, we will see limp wristed old man pickle ball instead.   

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