Monday, January 2, 2023

Republicans Better Get Their Act Together

After lackluster performance in the Midterm elections,  it is very clear that Republicans better get their act together if they have any chance of keeping the base of the party happy.  The first order of business must be electing the Speaker of the House.  Well over 200 of the 218 Republicans needed to elect Kevin McCarthy support him.  McCarthy has made concessions to his opposition that should address their concerns.  If just five call for a vote to remove him, they can now do so under the new rule McCarthy has proposed.  McCarthy also intends to end proxy voting.   It is time for his opposition to get in line and vote for McCarthy as Speaker.  It is true that McCarthy is a Deep State Swamp lizard; but at least he appears to support the things the base of the party is demanding.  

Mitch McConnell, the turtle is a whole different story.  McConnell as the Republican minority leader in the Senate will NEVER have the support of the base of the party, including President Trump.  McConnell is the poster child for term limits.  Not only is McConnell a Deep State Swamp lizard and Trump hater, he is a RINO willing to do anything to stay in power feeding at the trough, including cooperate with Socialists to destroy our country.  McConnell as much as anyone is responsible for not winning the Senate in 2020 because he refused to put forth any Republican plan for governing.  McConnell has to go.  Republicans need a fighter leading them in the Senate and that is not Mitch McConnell.  

Assuming Kevin McCarthy is elected Speaker of the House, Republicans must hit the ground running.  In addition to numerous investigations into the Biden Crime Family, Covid, the Border and the FBI and DOJ, the House must enact legislation demanded by the base of Republican Party as follows:

1. Measures to secure the border including finishing the Wall, eliminating 87,000 new IRS agents and putting that money into 100,000 additional border patrol agents and ICE. 

2. Reigning in Big Tech to stop the Censorship of America First MAGA Conservatives.

3. Enacting a Parent's Bill of Rights to protect parents protesting at School Board meetings against woke ideology in public schools and give parents more rights related to their children's education.  

4. Enacting universal School Choice so that parents of limited means can get their kids out of failing public schools and into private schools.  

5. Enact national election integrity laws that include the need for voter ID, Mail out ballots only to those who request them and limits on ballot harvesting. 

6. Enact laws that will make the US Energy independent again including approval of the Keystone Pipeline and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accords.   

None of these laws will advance in the Senate, since Socialists control the Senate and even if they were enacted, they would be VETOED by feckless Joe Biden.  At a minimum, Republicans in the House need to demonstrate that they are listening to the base of the Republican Party.  These laws would form the platform for Republicans to run in 2024.  Without these laws enacted by a Republican controlled House of Representatives, the base of the party will sit on their hands in 2024 and Republicans will lose.   Republicans must prove that they can govern to be rewarded with staying in office.  

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