Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Mass Murder, All Murders & Mental Illness

California has the strictest gun control laws in the country.  Yet recently, there were mass murders in California committed by Asian senior citizens, hardly the profile we have seen in the past of young White Men.  And, cities run by Socialist Fascists (AKA Democrats) typically have the most stringent gun control laws and the highest murder rates in the country because these local politicians are soft on crime.  Clearly, preventing these heinous crimes have nothing to do with gun control laws.   We must deal with mental illness, evil and dysfunction in our society.  We must also deal with failing public schools that keep many in poverty.  Anyone who commits murder and in particular mass murder has serious mental issues.  Further, a society that kill innocent babies by abortion infanticide makes life cheap.  

People in our country need to watch for the signs of mental illness that may result in these tragedies to prevent them.  Would be murderers need treatment.  Some of them should be in mental institutions to protect themselves and others.  And, then there is all the violence depicted in movies, on TV and in video games.  There are many shows on TV showing gruesome murders as a form of entertainment.  Someone who is mentally unbalanced becomes desensitized related to killing people.  They are just playing a part in a video game.  They see themselves in a docudrama.  In some cases, they are looking for the fame and notoriety that it brings as a way to gain the momentary recognition they perhaps never had in their lives.  

More gun regulations and or taking guns away from law abiding citizens will do nothing to stop these murders.  A crazy person can use a car to ram through a street full of people killing just as many as has occurred with a gun.  Or someone with even bigger plans can use a car bomb to kill people.  What we are seeing is the evil that exists in our society.  If there is a devil, we are seeing his hand at work.  And, what is happening is the result of dysfunctional families and or drug or alcohol addiction.  We need to recognize societal issues and deal with the root causes of mental illness and the evil that exists in our society.  It is the only way to stop these murders.  Finally, repeat violent criminals must be locked away and not released to roam the streets to commit even more violent crimes.  

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