Sunday, January 15, 2023

Millions From China Going To American Universities

We recently learned that the University of Pennsylvania received more than $50 million from China.  Some of that money was used to set up the Biden Center and pay Joe Biden a million or more dollars.  This is really nothing more than a pass through bribe that went to Joe Biden; but that is nothing new.  The Biden Crime Family used sleazy Hunter Biden as the conduit to accept bribes from China, Russia, Ukraine and perhaps other countries yet to be identified.  The Big Guy, Joe Biden got his 10% and further Hunter was paying for the Biden houses in Delaware.   

But let's get back to American universities accepting monies from China.  China is using these universities to buy influence in the United States and as bases for spying on our country.  As a result of the money that the University of Pennsylvania received from China, they lobbied the Congress and Joe Biden to stop some legislation that would have been detrimental to China.  Whose bread they eat, whose song they sing, but in this case it is rice they are eating.  

The Congress must pass legislation requiring full disclosure of monies universities, charities or companies are receiving from China.  We need to know what is being done with these monies and in some cases, the United States should stop these bribes from happening.  China is buying farmland in our country near military bases to allow for spying.  This should not be happening,  It must be prohibited by law.  China has already invaded our country.  The are killing our people by shipping illegal drugs into our country through Mexico.   Our government must use our military to destroy the Cartels.  We certainly can't depend on the government in Mexico to stop the Cartels.  Officials in Mexico are owned by the Cartels. Mexico is a narco state whose biggest sources of income are trafficking in people and drugs.  

China is using Mexico as the entry point into the United States to harm our country and kill our people.  The good news is that the Republican House just put a Select Committee in place to better understand China's malicious actions and hopefully to stop them.  Better late than never to stop China's war on the United States.  

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