Thursday, January 19, 2023

Supreme Court Cover Up

One of just 80 Supreme Court Clerks leaked information concerning the Dobb Case repealing Roe V Wade two months before the actual decision.  This led to protests and attacks on Pro-Life Groups and Women's Pregnancy Centers that have yet to be prosecuted by the Woke Justice Department.  Yet, after an 8 month investigation, Chief Justice John Roberts has not been able to determine who specifically leaked the information.  So now no one has been fired or prosecuted for this intolerable violation of ethics.  I smell a cover up.  

What should have occurred is that every single one of the 80 Clerks should have been put under oath to swear that he or she did not do it.  And, then if someone did not confess to what they did, the case should have been turned over the FBI for further investigation.  

But since we can't count on the Woke corrupt FBI, it appears that a Committee of the Republican House needs to subpoena all 80 of these clerks to ask each of them under oath if they were the culprit.  This is a very serious matter.  The integrity of the Supreme Court is at risk.  If the culprit gets away with this travesty, it will happen again anytime one of these clerts disagrees with a controversial decision.

I blame Chief Justice John Roberts for not having the guts to get to the bottom of this case.  Who is Roberts protecting?  I smell a Rat in the Deep State.  The Republicans in the House need to deal with this travesty.  Somebody's head need needs to roll and the person needs to lose their law license to stop them from practicing law ever again.  There must be consequences to this breach of ethics.  

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